Fish Frydays 2013 #3: Immaculate Conception

Posted: March 22, 2013 in Fish Frydays, The County
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When beginning the post on this one, the last Friday in Lent before Good Friday it was hard to believe that this was only third post of this season. This is one of my favorite times of the year and my family loves going out for fish on Friday nights. So, this year was a bit disappointing that we have missed a couple. I may have to do something special to make up for that.

This is the first year of our travels were we didn’t create a week by week schedule two or three weeks before Lent started, so we’ve often times been at a loss this year when Friday rolled around, but I feel like we’re still doing well and going to places we’ve never visited, which is nice. We also had our first Fish Fail to go with the five or six slinger fails. All in all, aside from the plague that befell us, it’s been a pretty fun year, but my daughter now being old enough to say fish is yummy in my tummy as she eats it certainly helps!

We're out with people!

We’re out with people!

This week, we trekked out to the Immaculate Conception Church in Maplewood near BNSF’s Lindenwood train yard.

As all three generations of the family walked around their very unlevel parking lot and into the cafeteria I did notice that they have a ninjitsu society that meets there, which I have to say puzzled me, though seeing the kanji for ninja is always cool.



Unlike some other places we have visited, this is a smaller parish that is tucked away in the unsquared streets and large trees of suburban St. Louis. The people there were pretty friendly and we found our way to line quickly. Unlike some other surprising times, we found the beer: Busch or Bud Light on draft for $2 in a tiny cup.

I picked up a plate of fried cod and double fries in order to share with my little one. I’m sad to say that the fried cod was rectangular and frozen. I’m happier to state that this is by far the best boxed fish I’ve ever had outside of a Fillet-o-Fish. That may have very well been due to the salty hot sauce they had on the condiment table. The fries were similar to those found at White Castle’s. They certainly are not the best tasting, but they will get the job done. There were a variety of side dishes: spaghetti, mac’n’cheese, green beans, and salad as well, but we were not offered any hush puppies to go along with our fish.

Fish plate. Ketchup for fries.

Fish plate. Ketchup for fries.

There were desserts as well as the main courses, but they were not included in the price of the fish and as we were running on a schedule and involved in a vigorous conversation about important things, I believe we all forgot about dessert.

All in all, it’s a boxed fish fry.

  1. Chris says:

    The desert was not included in on the main course?? I’m not liking that all haha. Frozen paties is kind of a let down! At least those fries look they would go down nice with some ketchup. I have seen better but it seems maybe a good stop for a quickie meal!

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