Fish Frydays 2013 #2: Well………….about that.

Posted: March 15, 2013 in Fish Frydays, STL: St. Louis Hills

Let’s get our fish on.

First of all, this happened on Friday the 1st and then my house was beset by germ warfare that someone in my daughter’s daycare dropped on us and here I have been abiding by the Geneva Convention my whole life! So, needless to say, I was very sick on this past Friday. Instead of tasty fried fish, I was “enjoying” beef broth.”

Now, let’s get to the fish story. We had chosen to head over to the St. Louis Spanish Society for this week’s fish fry. I had an errand to run and I ended up at the place well before anyone else had arrived. I walked to the back and fantasies of speaking Spanish during my fish fry ran through my head. Apologizing for speaking a different dialect, oh the fun I’d have.


The bar.

I get in and head to the restroom and I see a sign that says “Please no cigs or cigars in the urinals.” I laughed quietly to myself. That’s cute and how 1980’s I thought. I went back into the main hall to check things out waiting for the rest of the fam to arrive. I saw no Spanish people, but a great deal of Spanish things. Barcelona FC and Real Madrid scarves hung behind the bar and the nice lady smoking a cigarette helped me out as I ordered a beer.


Then I giggled to myself, oh look at all the ashtrays. This place is so retro! I nearly lit up a smoke myself. It just felt so old school. I sat down and drank my Budweiser at the table and looked around. I giggled thinking about my family sitting here. They didn’t have the kind of smoking culture that I grew up with.


I have a two year old. Oh crap. I called and said, umm, there’s a lot of smoking here. We should go somewhere else right?


So I buzz back to the Fish Fry HQ and we try to quickly devise a plan for what the hell we’re going to do now! It’s 6:15pm on a Friday night and we need fish! After a brief discussion,we came to the conclusion that we needed to go somewhere that  had good fish, beers, was very close and was very efficient.


Land shark!

I can think of only one place like that: St. Stephens Protomartyr.

So, we got back into the cars and headed down South Grand and headed to our old favorite. This marks our fourth time eating at St. Stephens.

We arrived after 6:30, perhaps closer to 6:45 and they were still serving and there was a still a line. I looked over at the beer and they were out of Schlafly. I saw Goose Island 312 and Budweiser Black Crown. So, color me a bit disappointed there, but hey.

When we arrived to the ordering box, we had to wait for fries and other sides to be made as again, it was the end of the night. Once again at St. Stephens my blood sugar had to be measured on the Kelvin scale…so sorry about that if I said anything stupid.

Fishy fishy fishy fish.

Fishy fishy fishy fish.

Once we sat down, I did purchase a Black Crown, and was disappointed, but we ate and had a great time. What can I say this time about their food that I haven’t said a thousand times before?

The king is dead?

The king is dead?

St. Stephens makes great fish. They serve it quickly.

This time there was a young man dressed in a shark costume that alternately fascinated and horrified my young one. It was fun watching her chase that down though!

I can’t imagine anyone going wrong at St. Stephens and due to their efficiency it’s the best place for late comers or if you have to travel a little bit to get there.

We’re all set for tonight and check back with us next week for more tales of, hopefully, delicious fish!


  1. Danielle says:

    I’m heading to St Stephen tonight!

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