Fish Frydays 2012 #3: St. Stephen’s Protomartyr

Posted: March 16, 2012 in Fish Frydays, STL: Holly Hills
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New signs!

You know, I’m pretty late with this post and I apologize, but I can explain! Last Thursday, I was sick and apparently had pneumonia! However, I still stuck it out and went to a Fish Fry for you….and for the tasty fish. On top of that, I had some work I had to finish for school, and such. You may have seen me mentioning it on the twitters…no on to it!

You may have noticed that this blog revolves around my life and my family. So, in the past, Bob and I would go for breakfast for slinger runs. Bob and I do beer tastings. My wife and I used to go to dive bars and we still go for steak sandwiches. My wife, my in laws, and now my daughter, go out for breakfast.

Well, for the first time, it was myself, my daughter, and my mother in law. Just the three of us and we went back to St. Stevens.

I  had really enjoyed St. Stevens in the past. I was also a fan of their having two kinds of Schalfly as well as the Bud products, but I was always really impressed by their organizational skills. No one runs a fish fry as well as they do.

Well moving on…this year I was told that they had sushi as well as their usual fish. So, this was enough to get me to show back up. So, I ordered cod, green beans, and roasted potatoes. I then also purchased a sushi plate to go along with all of this. Outside of the line, I picked up a Schalfly Pale Ale. (NOTE: I waited till 45 minutes after I returned home to take my daily dosage of anti-biotics. In my mind, I went above and beyond to get this fish fry done properly.)

Sushi plate.

I’m going to start off with my complaints from this year. Starting with the sushi and I’m going to go ahead and take responsibility for this. I was expecting more than they could honestly do. I had a picture in my head of a Japanese chef rolling nigiri, maki, and sashimi. This was not the case.

My side dishes were very nice, but not perfect. I opted to not get fries and a green vegetable this week. (It was suggested to me that I not eat so much fried foods at the fish frys, though my dedication was complimented.) Sometimes, I take this stuff too much to heart, but that’s who I am.

My roasted potatoes were just really, really good, but some of them were a bit undercooked. They were baked and herbed with a bit of a marinating sauce and they were wonderful.


I chose green beans, as we really are trying to eat better…so I went with the green vegetable. To begin with, I need to figure out how in the world they are cooking these green beans. They were spectacular. My complaint was the white chips they had on them. My mother in law was sure they were almonds and she didn’t mind them. I ate around them from there on.

Close up fish.

Now, the fish portion of the meal was exactly what anybody would hope for. My MIL and I both shared parts of our fish with my daughter. Now, last year she couldn’t eat fish, so those don’t count, but let me tell you she loved this piece of fried cod more than she has loved any food she’s had yet. We broke up our fish pieces and gave those to her and she smiled and clapped each time she put one in her mouth.  I have realized now that there are two rating systems I can employ next year….comparing the fried fish to a Fillet-o-Fish at macs, or I could rate them in EJ claps. Oh well…In the end, my daughter and I felt the exact same way as I did about their fish. It’s just the best cod we’ve ever eaten at a Fish Fry.

Mr. Mayor

Choose your sides wisely.

Get the fried cod.

Get a Schlafly Pale Ale.

Keep an eye out for Mayor Slay.

(Is is wrong to thrust my baby into his face and demand he kiss her lest I never vote for him again?)

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