Fish Frydays 2012 #2: Holy Trinity Serbian Eastern Orthodox Church

Posted: March 8, 2012 in Fish Frydays, STL: McKinley Heights

Here we are.

For our second fish fry this year, we chose the Serbian Church near Lafayette Park. The wife and I were heading out to see Bass Drum of Death downtown that night, so we decided being close to downtown was a good idea, especially with how long some of these lines can get. We had talked about going here last year, but last year’s fish frys were a bit put out, for lack of a better term right now with the very new baby. This year though, we’ve been having a different issue with dealing with her on Friday nights.

No one seems to have any high chairs.

We seem to have made it through two fish frys without a highchair, and I suppose we’ll get through the other four.

As per our usual, we arrived at the church around 6pm. We were greeted by several friendly parishioners who seemed pretty quick on the draw that we weren’t normal goers at their place. I’d like to think that I’m just that cool and interesting, but even in my own family, I’ve been reduced to supporting character due to the little cherub…who happens to be sitting in my lap as I type this. I think I might wax a bit poetic about my daughter a touch more than I should, but when we’re out and about, I’m nearly constantly reminded about how adorable she is and how I’m just window dressing, but that’s ok.

I’m happy to say that the line system made much more sense this week, as there was just a single line. A meal is ten dollars for a fish, two sides, and a dessert. I passed on the dessert because I’m not a dessert guy to speak of, unless it’s cake and it wasn’t cake, it was cobbler. There were many fish choices.  They were serving baked or fried tilapia, fried catfish, fried cod, and shrimp. At 6pm, they had every single one of them left.

The fish.

They had a nice change of pace in sides as well. Aside from fries, salad and cole slaw, they also had Serbian rice and onion rings, also known as my choice. With your meal purchase you were also given two tickets that were to be redeemed at the bar for a can of soda and a cup of ice. There were also a good number of sodas available. Though I am pretty sure no one thinks I drank a soda. Their beer choices were quite limited indeed: Bud, Bud Light, and Bud Select. I went with the Select. It would be nice if places that are going to have Bud products would also have Busch Bavarian Lager or Michelob.

Looking at my plate, my first complaint was that they had given me far too many onion rings. Our new low sodium diet is really messing with my head. Earlier in the week I even passed on getting Whitey’s and got a salad instead at UMSL’s cafeteria…anyway.

The rice.

I love a good fried tilapia, and this one was very good, but I thought mine was just a touch overcooked and a bit too salty. I think the new diet brought on the last thing, because I love salty food. So, my tastes are changing somewhat and rather quickly.

I really enjoyed the Serbian rice and I always love it when there is something different in the side dishes aside from mac and cheese and french fries. I also passed on the fries this week to get the onion rings, which were excellent. We also had a nice surprise as Martin Casas showed up doing his thing. We’d been talking a lot on twitter over the last few months and it was nice to finally meet him face to face. I’m hoping to attend one of his outdoor movies in Benton Park soon.

All in all, I really enjoyed my meal aside from my petty complaints. I can heartily recommend this place.

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