On The Road: Nick Tahou’s Hots’s Garbage Plate

Posted: December 12, 2011 in 13 Blog On The Road
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Here we go...

So, Andrew Veety has been on my case for some time regarding the slinger being a variation of the garbage plate. Recently we came to an understanding about these dishes.

So, of course I had to try one right?

I was visiting friends and clients up in the Buffalo and Toronto areas, and I decided to go to a hockey game. Due to simple availability, the Rochester Americans won out. My brother in law tells me that I need to get a garbage plate while I’m there….then the slinger garbage plate twitter conversations spring forth anew! In the end…even though I was by myself in a strange city…I ate a garbage plate and saw the Amerks fall to the Toronto Marlies 2-1…

So, my GPS leads me to the place…and honestly it was pretty easy to find…as was the hockey rink…though no one in the place seemed to know where the hockey rink…that was less than a mile away was.

The garbage plate.

I don’t know if I made a mistake or not, but I ordered a cheeseburger plate. I didn’t have anybody with me to give me any information as to what the original is or what I was supposed to have done.

Breakfast potatoes.

Am I alone in thinking that the name garbage plate is umm…kind of gross?

So, as I was told, this really is a forerunner to the slinger. I have decided that it’s the slinger’s crazy, estranged uncle.

This giant hulk of a meal came with TWO burger patties…which is beyond unreasonable covered in some sort of white cheese. I’m not even going to hazard a guess as to what that cheese was.

Instead of hash browns it came with home fries, and I just can’t get behind home fries. I’ve never liked them, but hey to each their own.

Cold macaroni salad and meat sauce...

Next to the home fries was a very generous portion of cold macaroni salad. I found nothing about this part of the dish to be enjoyable. I was expecting mac and cheese…and that I could have really gotten behind.

On top of the burgers there was a wonderful spicy, brown mustard which really gave this dish some great pop! On top of the mustard was a large helping of raw, white onions. Ah, now there’s something I can get behind! The toppins on the garbage plate were just fantastic.

On top of all of it, a meat sauce was poured. If anybody wants to help me out here on that sauce, I’m listening. It looked like the Skyline Chili I used to make chili dogs a couple of weeks back. But it didn’t seem to have much in the way of spices. I really can’t completely understand this meat sauce.

All in all, I have to say I prefer the St. Louis Slinger, but I’m very glad that I tried the garbage plate. Next time I’m up, I’ll get it with hot dogs.

  1. OMG….that is not how I remember my to-die-for garbage plate! It looks pretty challenging. Who can eat all that? I’ve relocated from Missouri to the Philly area. Lots to explore. However, I’ve yet to find a STL style slinger!

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