Small Batch Flights #1: Ellicottville Brewing Company

Posted: December 6, 2011 in Small Batch Flights
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The Flight.

Welcome to the first edition of Small Batch Flights!

Just as with the next one, I am talking about a brew pub that’s not anywhere near St. Louis. My first edition of “Small Batch Flights” comes from Ellicotville, NY nearly 900 miles east of home.

While on my recent trip to Buffalo, NY to visit my buddy, he took me way out to the little ski village of Ellicotville because he said this brewpub was just great. He had a growler of their stout in the fridge, and we did drink that all up, and I have to say that it was quite good.

So, I was a bit excited to check out the place after we arrived. Aside from my beers, I had a very nice fried fish sandwich…the same thing I had when I was up in Burlington, ON for a call…I really like fish.

Black Hops

Black Hops 6.0% ABV:

This beer has a very dark brown color that definitely lives up to its name. There’s also a nice hop aromoa to this beer. It has a nice bitter taste with a very good bitter aftertaste.

I can’t name a single thing about this beer that I didn’t like.


Hopicity 7.0% ABV

This India Pale Ale  has the more usual golden copper coloring. It has surprisingly no aroma to speak of, but it does a floral and and hoppy flavor.

Like its name implies, this is a very bitter beer, but it goes down kind of rough. It’s not smooth at all.

Rye Pale Ale

Rye Pale Ale 6% ABV

This beer has a small rye aroma, not much in the way of the nose. Its pale bronze color seemed very inviting.

It has a strange flavor of a hoppy taste and a rye aftertaste.

Definitely worth giving a try.

Chocolate Cherry Bomb

Chocolate Cherry Bomb 8.2% ABV

Even though I’m a fan of O’Fallon’s Chocolate Cherry Ale, I was not excited to try this one out. I just have lost my taste for this type of beer. It had a very dark brown color and a very good woody aroma.

The problem was the taste though. It’s chocolate and cherry flavorings were too overpowering for me. This was the worst of my flight and gave the rest to my companion to finish off.

St. Jacob's

St. Jacob’s Oak Aged Stout 9% ABV

This beer is very dark and it has a very malty nose. I talked to the bartender and he told me that they were also brewing a bourbon barrel aged version of this beer. Sadly, it wasn’t ready yet.

This beer has a very good stout flavor. Another great beer from EBC.

Catt County Cuvee

Catt County Cuvee 8.5% ABV

This is another heavy beer. They had two flight options, light or heavy, I chose heavy.

This beer has a very clear copper color with great clarity and no aroma to speak of.

The taste has hints of fruit…perhaps pineapple? I wonder if myrcene hops were used.


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