St. Louis Steaks #9: Biggies

Posted: November 10, 2011 in St. Louis Steaks, STL: Lindenwood Park
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Another lunch on a Saturday and another trip to get a steak sandwich. I really can’t help but feel like it’s been far too long since I’ve had a tasty, tasty steak sandwich.

This time we ended up at Biggies just kind of by happenstance. Like most instances in this column, my wife, my daughter, and myself were out running errands at we all got hungry. So, as we were driving down Chippewa St., I said I was hungry and that we should go to Biggies. I think I have been to this establishment about five or six times…most times with my mother and father in law. In fact, she called while we were waiting for our food and was a bit disappointed that we were eating there without her!

I get a real kick out of this place. They have a lot of interesting pictures on the wall, and it isn’t just the normal Applebees style swag.  Behind our table there were several pictures of the Miami Strikers of the OLD North American Soccer League…the same league that saw the St. Louis Stars play…I began looking for some Stars pix or something, but didn’t find any….but I’m going to go ahead and guess that no one is reading this to hear about now defunct soccer leagues….

So let’s look at that steak sandwich…

As per my usual, I ordered it medium rare with hot and steak sauce.

Steak sandwich at Biggies.

This is nice cut of steak  here. I love the grill marks, even if they’re not criss crossed. Beyond my usual medium rare, I also ordered the garlic toast bun. What doesn’t appear to be seen is the cheese underneath the steak itself. When my sandwich arrived, I just assumed they didn’t give me any!


I cannot fault Biggies for the amount of toppings they gave me! Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and a pickle. I decided to skip out on the tomatoes. I really only like those on burgers.

I used all of the onions and some of the lettuce, and of course I ate that pickle at the end of the meal.

I found that the steak was a bit tougher than I like when it comes to eating it as a sandwich, and the bread was quite tough indeed. Aside from those minor quibbles, the only real complaint I had was that I couldn’t taste the cheese.

I love Biggies and I definitely enjoyed this sandwich, just not as much as I did say, Cicero’s. Definitely give Biggies a try…if not for the Steak Sandwich, then for their anything else.


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