St. Louis’s Perfect Slinger #33: The 1904 Beerhouse

Posted: September 27, 2011 in slinger, Uncategorized

The entry way.

My wife noticed that a slinger could be had at the 1904 Beerhouse.

OK, when are we going?

It has been too long since I have reviewed a slinger. If you saw me on HEC-TV,  you know that I realize this has been too long.

So, here we are and what was really delightful about this particular slinger run is that we had no kind of slinger fail, I enjoyed a wonderful beer with my slinger, and for those who have asked me about this in the past, I had a fried egg with my slinger. The menu listed it as fried, so I ordered a fried egg slinger.


I have eaten and drank at Lumiere in the past…. and I was never terribly satisfied with what I’d eaten and drank, but at the Beerhouse, you get beer and they can’t water that down or pour you too lightly. (Can I also mention that when you ask for a pint, you get a pint, and not three quarters of a pint?)

Stone's Arrogant the irony's not lost on me.

So, upon perusal of the beer list, I saw Belhaven Wee Heavy and ordered one of those, but they were out so I went with the Arrogant Bastard. Please make all of your jokes now.


Let’s continue. So, I knew what I was getting, but I thought it was more of a slinger burger, and not precisely a slinger. I have had two of them in the past… and this one was very different than the other two. This really felt more like a slinger on top of a bun, as I read the description, instead of a something to be eaten like a sandwich. It was described as an open faced sandwich with all the elements of the slinger on top of a half pound burger.

Our view.

When the waitress came to take our order, she asked how I wanted my burger cooked.

Honestly, I’ve gotten the question a couple of times and I’ve been confused both times. So, I went with medium rare. Since they give you a half pound angus burger patty, I guess I should have them make it the way I like it right?

See, I also noticed they have a slinger dog and a steak sandwich. So, I suppose, I’m going to have to return to this place at least two more times. I’ll take it for the team. It was at this point that I was beginning to wonder what I should have for my second beer…

Well, let’s look at the slinger shall we?


I really felt like this one was more of a true slinger and fries instead of the sandwich, as you can see.

So let’s take the run down…

Eggs: Well, this one was a fried egg. It was nicely runny and once I got into the middle of it, I got all of the “egg gravy” I’ve heard so much about….

Side view.

Meat patty: This burger patty was just awesome. It was grilled wonderfully to medium rare and was just a great addition to my meal.

Chili: Now here is where I first had a bit of  an issue. My first taste of this chili reminded me of the dreadful chili served at the City Diner, but as I ate more of it, I enjoyed more. I won’t say it was the quality of Big Ed’s of course, but there was very little to complain about with their chili.

Toppins: The menu listed red onions, but I received raw white onions. Perfect there though I’d have preferred a few more of them. They threw on a nice bit of of shredded cheddar cheese. The bun was unnecessary at best though…and for the first time, I’m going to mention fries, which I just loved. These are easily the best fries I have gotten with any slinger ever….but I can only think of one of ther slinger for sure where I had fries…so perhaps I should say the better of the two?

Sum Up: While not a slinger in the truest sense of the term, I can find little to complain about this slinger. It certainly doesn’t hurt that I was able to enjoy it in an establishment like the Beerhouse either. I feel like this is the best place to mention that Arrogant Bastard does not pair well with a slinger because it’s too heavy. I didn’t get the second beer.

  1. christine says:

    its more like a horse shoe! yummy!

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