Beer Squared #16: Double IPAs

Posted: September 12, 2011 in Beer Squared, Beer: IPA
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The considered.

Well, with looking at beers that we’ve purchased and seen and wanted…we ended up with a whole ton India Pale Ales again, but more than that, we ended up with doubles, triples, extras, etc. So, in this installment, that I’m generously calling Double IPAs, we’re going to have one Extra IPA, one Triple IPA, and two Double IPAs…so if you average it out…that’s four double IPAs. My apologies to the person who said to me how nice it was that we don’t do too many IPAs. Bob and I both love IPAs, and the fridge is full of them. So we’ve got to move a few out…we’ll get back to another kind of beer next time. I promise.

This time out we’ve got one Schlafly, one Founders, one ODell, and one from a new to us brewer, Green Flash. We decided to take them in order of lightest to heaviest…there’s a pretty big gap between the highest and the lowest.

Bob: Overall this was a very high quality tasting session, perhaps our finest thus far. All of these brews were flavor bombs that I can’t imagine anyone being wishy-washy about.

Schalfly American India Pale Ale (7.2% ABV)

American India Pale Ale

Nik: I know we talk a lot about Schlafly, but they’re our big hometown craft brewer, and theirs was my very first craft brew…so we’ve got a soft spot and a lot of love for Schalfly. I’ve drank this fine beer a number of times and just love it. Its clear golden color is just beautiful. The small bubbled head stays on your glass the whole way down. The piney hops give it a woody flavor and aroma. The foam rings on my glass just make me wish for another one.

Bob: This pours to a medium golden color in the glass, a little cloudy, with a small-bubbled, tasty head that lasts. Has major hop aroma and taste that is pleasingly resinous and piney, with a very long aftertaste and excellent bittering. Another winner from the leader of St. Louis’s strong craft brewery movement, and one that I have already purchased more of. A definite keeper, at a reasonable price!

Green Flash Imperial IPA (9.4% ABV)

Imperial IPA

Nik: Upon opening up this bomber, I was pretty jazzed. It’s got a wonderful opaque golden bronze color. It’s not hazy at all. It’s got a very good with small bubbles. It has the northwest aroma. It goes down very smooth, very warm, and tastes so great. It has a very big flavor. Every taste bud on your tongue is going to be whomped on when you drink this beer, but what I found interesting was its warmth. It reminded me of a very hoppy English Ale like Old Speckled Hen. I will drink this as much as I can!

Bob: Green Flash was in town recently offering tastings of all their fare at a local drinking establishment. Unfortunately I missed that event, but I still managed to pick up this bomber bottle at a local store. I’m glad I did. It poured to a very nice deep golden color with an outstanding tan head that was very fragrant and long-lasting. This beer has a wonderfully sweet floral aroma, and a taste is very smooth and clean, with a nice lingering aftertaste that made me want more. It is definitely hoppy, but not as piney or resinous as Schlafly’s AIPA. The taste seems to wrap around my tongue completely, similarly to Bell’s Hopslam. An outstanding brew that I will be certain to buy again, especially at its reasonable pricing.

Odell Myercenary (9.3% ABV)


Nik: I love Odell beers, so I was very excited to crack this one open. I saw this one awhile back, and immediately gave Bob a fiver to pay for half of this four pack. So,we popped it open and poured it out. It had a very good head and a very light color. The label said it had a fruity aroma, but what I wasn’t expecting was for it to smell and taste like a pineapple. Needless to say, I was taken aback by this beer. It’s definitely warm, fruity, and nicely bitter, but I just can’t justify the price of this beer based on how much I liked it…the fact that the taste did grow on me notwithstanding. Perhaps after I try my second bottle…but for now, I’m good not having it again.

Bob: A unique beer, with a very strong aroma of pineapple due to the Myrcene hops used. These are very definitely not your typical citrusy or piney hops from the northwestern US! Pours very light golden color, very clear, with a good small-bubbled head that holds up well. Tastes a little bit of tropical fruit. The taste grows on you as you drink it, with a nice bitterness and aftertaste. Very much a sipping beer, with 9.3% alcohol and priced at four bottles for $10, so I’ll take my time drinking the rest of it.

Founders Brewing Devil Dancer Triple IPA (12% ABV)

Devil Dancer

Nik: I’m no real fan of Founders Brewing. Their Centennial IPA is great, but the others I’ve had, I didn’t care for all that much, however their promise of a Triple IPA intrigued me. Devil Dancer has a very big head made of very big bubbles. It has a very nice reddish color. It’s like a  2 x 4. Take that two ways: 1) It smells like a 2 x 4 that has just been sawed in half. 2) It hits you like a  2 x 4. It has a very warm and very large flavor and that flavor has a LOT of bitterness to it. Just in case anyone is wondering…this is no session beer. I can’t imagine even having two of them!

Bob: After a previous bad experience with Founders Dirty Bastard, I wasn’t particularly looking forward to trying this Founders offering. It poured reddish golden color in the glass, with a very nice sweet floral aroma and a decent though large-bubbled head. From the first taste, however, this brew generated a literal explosion of hops in my mouth! Very, very bitter, but also very, very drinkable, with an exceptionally long aftertaste (chewy is the adjective that comes to mind.) At 12% ABV and a price of $4-5 per 12 oz. bottle I tend to put this in a drinking category with wine, which can and should be sipped over a long, enjoyable time rather than gulped. A definite keeper. Just wish I could find some for a reasonable price!

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