On The Road: Charlie Parker’s Diner

Posted: August 9, 2011 in 13 Blog On The Road
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Made it!

One of the things I’ve heard a lot about over the course of my slinger quest was the horseshoe. I’ve been asked many times if I’ve eaten one, as they’re close to slingers. Well, up until this past weekend, I had never eaten one.
We decided on Thursday that we were going to take a day trip up to Chicago on Saturday…and I knew we’d need to stop somewhere for breakfast and I decided this would be a great time to stop somewhere for a breakfast shoe.

I didn’t even know that there were two different kinds until Thursday. I was told that Charlie Parker’s Diner was the place to go. I’d never heard of the place. I didn’t even know they were famous. Yeah had no idea.

We had a bit of a gps snafu…i.e. following directions, but we arrived safely at about 8am on Saturday morning. Upon arrival I was wondering if I made a mistake in choosing this place for breakfast because it was PACKED and we were on a time frame…

Full house.

But time spent in the place was definitely the least of our worries. We were waiting for a seat to open up and it couldn’t have been more than five minutes before I was sitting down in the back corner of the place.

So I looked over the menu and I ordered what I came for, the breakfast shoe. Now, had I been a good blogger, I probably would’ve familiarized myself with what the deuce is in a horse shoe before ordering one.  So, she said hash browns or home fries: has browns. Ham, bacon, or sausage: bacon.

So  here it is…..

The Breakfast Horse Shoe

As with what has happened countless times, the picture does not convey just how big this thing was.  Well, this came with two strips of bacon, toast, hash browns, scrambled eggs, and smothered in nacho cheese.


As you can see the cheese was kind of on the side, and not drenched over it as much as I would have liked.

I was pretty disappointed that I’m about 90% sure that this is the same cheese that White Castle uses on their cheese fries…and that cheese is the reason I don’t get cheese fries at White Castles.

The eggs were ok, but really I have yet to have scrambled eggs that suck at a diner. Even McDonalds and Denny’s can get those right. The bacon was a nice touch down the center. I really didn’t need the toast in the middle of it. My biggest complaint though is with the hash browns, and this really moves into the whole dish.

They, and it, were just bland. The whole time I kept thinking that this needed ketchup, it needed hot sauce, it needed chili. It really just needs something else to make this better. There were no onions, no peppers, just no extra toppins.

Oh well. I’m sure that if I’m in the area again, I’ll stop at D’arcy’s Pint for the horse shoe sandwich, but I can’t see myself getting this breakfast shoe again.

  1. Needed ketchup, for sure. And critical error on the hash browns – it’s all about home fries. I should have warned you. Sorry the breakfast shoe was a lackluster experience – it’s a far cry from a real shoe (and anyone who uses that cheese sauce is a terrorist)

    • The 13 Blog says:

      Aha. I like hash browns so I went with that…oh well. I’m going to do my best to get back up there for a day time one D’arcy’s Pint.

      That cheese sauce was baaaaad.

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