Beer Squared #12: Extra IPA’s

Posted: August 3, 2011 in Beer Squared, Beer: IPA
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The group.

I don’t really know how it happened, but IPA’s seem to have become my beer of choice lately. I really have grown to love their bitter hoppiness. I suppose it may have happened after I stopped drinking session beers. Most nights, I’ll go to my fridge and have one beer. On the wild and crazy weekends, it might even be two. So, I find myself enjoying a beer for a lot longer than I normally would. IPA’s are definitely much better at being able to  enjoy them  over a longer period of time than say a macro lager…especially after letting them warm up a little bit. I try to get them to around 45 degrees before I start drinking them. I’d say by the time I’m finished, they’re probably around 60 degrees or warmer though…and most times, still very tasty.

This time we’re going with Extra IPAs, which have just a bit more kick in the alcohol content. These beers have a variance of only .07% between the highest and lowest of the three.

Modus Hoperandi by Ska Brewing (6.8% ABV)

Modus Hoperandi

Nik: I believe that this was the first IPA I’ve ever had out of a can. Just thought I should mention that… This beer poured a great head with a woody, pine like aroma.  I love the color of this beer. I’ve had it in the past, but I think I just drank it out of the can (fail) and didn’t see the color. It was a very clear, but dark golden. It has a very strong bite. Very hoppy and very woody. Modus Hoperandi has a very complex flavor that can be tasted all over your tongue. It’s very smooth even with the  big bite and has no high alcohol flavor. Definitely would buy this one again.

Bob: Recommended to me by a worker at Whole Foods when I told him I enjoy hoppy beers. Only comes in cans, apparently, which put me off at first, but I bought a six-pack anyway on spec. Poured to a deep, golden, clear color in the glass with a welcoming tan head. Aroma of deep-woods pine trees. The taste matched the smell–very tangy and resinous. Both the aroma and the taste last and last! ABV is 6.8%, but it goes down very smooth–no trace of hotness. Definitely a keeper!

Ranger IPA by New Belgium (6.5% ABV)

Ranger IPA

Nik: I’ve had this beer before as well and have enjoyed it. I had it at the Moolah Theater…I paid $7 for a bomber…didn’t realize how big the bottle was and I was amazed at how much beer kept coming out of it. This one has a yellowish color, closer to that of a lager. It’s also got tiny bubbles on it’s big, foamy head. It’s also very clear in color. A good beer to look at and smell with it’s very hoppy aroma. It’s got a nice bite but not overly bitter. It does have a weaker flavor than the Modus, but still very pleasing. Another good beer that holds up well to scrutiny. I’ll always buy this beer when I can, in fact I drank another bomber last night.

Bob: Had one of these at a bar after a round of golf and wanted to see if it tasted as good at home. Of a similar ABV class (6.5%) it poured light golden and clear in the glass, with a long-lasting, tiny-bubbled white head that was very nice. Piney hop aroma, although not quite as intense as that of Modus Hoperandi. Taste was very tangy and similar to Modus Hoperandi, but again not quite as intense or quite as long-lasting. I would guess that Ska uses more hops, but that makes Modus Hoperandi more expensive than Ranger. All in all, a very good buy for the money. This will be one of my go-to beers in the future.

Torpedo by Sierra Nevada (7.2% ABV)


Nik: It has a cloudy, golden color with a big, long lasting, foamy head with very tight bubbles. There were rings left all down the glass as I drank it. It has a very small aroma to it. It really didn’t smell like much. This beer wasn’t as bitter as it seems like it should have been. It was also lacking in the hoppiness department. This one, like the O’Fallon 5 Day IPA seem to be good in a vacuum, but when compared to others, they fall a bit short.

Bob: Because I think highly of Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale, which made their reputation, I was expecting great things from Torpedo, our third tasting of the day in this ABV class at 7.2%. Alas, my hopes were dashed. It poured OK, to a medium golden color, a little cloudy, with a very nice light tan head that lasted a long time. But there was little aroma, and what it did have was somewhat skunky. Bitterness was just OK, reminding me of English hop varieties. This tasted more like an ESB than something from the Western US of A. Overall a huge disappointment and something I will not buy again.

  1. Sandra Bier says:

    As most people can swear, a food dish is all about presentation. Well, the same goes for drinks and the color of beer, of a particular brand also matters. So, when your friends ask you to sample a beer and declare that a beer should not be judged by their color, step back and say yes, it should be!

  2. gify says:

    This article was really good. I look forward to reading another one.

  3. Eric says:

    I love ranger, it is one of the beers I buy on a somewhat regular basis. Very hoppy, very tasty. I havn’t tried Modus, but next time I go to whole foods I will have to try it. It does seem odd to come out of a can, but I guess you never know until you try it. And last, I really dislike Torpedo. I had it once, and refuse to have it again. I would expect more from Sierra Nevada, but I guess you can’t win them all.

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