St. Louis Steaks #7: Cicero’s

Posted: July 18, 2011 in St. Louis Steaks
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Well, the wife and I went out for lunch. Our original heading was Pam’s Chicago Style Hot Dogs for their slinger dog…but they were closed, so we went the other way down Delmar into the U-City Loop. She asks me, do you want to eat at Cicero’s or the Mall?

She said she was being sneaky. She didn’t want to eat at the mall. So she asked me to make the choice. Obviously it was Cicero’s and even though I’d had a slinger fail…I seemed to recall eating a steak sandwich at Cicero’s. So even though there was a slinger fail, I was going to get to write about my lunch after all.

So, we went in and I saw the beer cooler. It had been a very long time since I’d been inside of the place and I didn’t remember them having so much beer…Well I was sure I could easily find a beer that I would enjoy to go along with my sandwich. For some reason I was in the mood for a Scotch Ale…


Well, after perusing their beer list, I came across Belhaven Scottish Pub Ale for $5 for a pint. Well, this was by far the best price I’d seen on this wonderful Scotch Ale…usually it’s closer to ten. I had also never seen it in cans…so I was sure that I had to give this a go. It’s like Boddington’s Pub Ale in a can with the little widget in the bottom to keep it fizzy. Very, enjoyable and it made me think about the pint of Belhaven Wee Heavy I have in my fridge right now. They also had Skullsplitter and another Scotch Ale, but I don’t care much for Skullsplitter. It reminds me too much of Founders Dirty  Bastard.

Of course, I wasn’t there to get a beer, but a steak sandwich…so how was that you ask?

Cicero's Steak Sandwich

First off, there were no onions. The sandwich before this one had no cheese and this on has no onions…man can you believe the luck? Now, notice that cheese? When I ordered, our waitress asked me what kind of cheese I wanted on my sandwich…well, I asked her what were my options? She said, cheddar, swiss, provolone, provel,….

Beer fridge.


I asked her if she did in fact say provel, and she did. Now, I know right now I have made some people think “oh gross! That’s not real cheese! etc etc etc.” Well, I’m not going to go very far into the provel cheese debate except to say this…I’m native to the St. Louis Metro Area and I’ve been eating provel cheese for as far back as I can remember. I didn’t even know that there was a provel cheese debate until I met my friend from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Because she wouldn’t eat Imo’s…yeah…had no idea. Well now I seem to have veered off the path again…let’s get this right again.

Bubble, bubble...

Upon getting my sandwich, it looked very cheese covered. My first thought was that they really gave me my money’s worth on the cheese.

So, as per my usual, the steak sandwich is medium rare and topped with A1 and hot sauce. Cicero’s gave me a Louisiana hot sauce instead of the typical Tabasco sauce, but it’s all made with cayenne peppers and vinegar, so it’s all the same stuff really. My first bite was a bit fatty and it was hard to chomp down on it, but that was the only one that was like that. I really enjoyed every bite save the first one. I couldn’t believe how good of a sandwich this was. The provel cheese was perfect. Gooey, hot, and covering every inch of my sandwich.

Sum Up: Put raw onions on there and you’ve got a real gem!




  1. […] love Biggies and I definitely enjoyed this sandwich, just not as much as I did say, Cicero’s. Definitely give Biggies a try…if not for the Steak Sandwich, then for their anything else. […]

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