Part 32 of the Continuing Series, St. Louis’s Perfect Slinger: Piccadilly At Manhattan

Posted: July 11, 2011 in slinger, STL: Ellendale
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Here we go.

I’ve been so busy with fish frys, steak sandwiches, beers, and other such nonsense, I didn’t realize I hadn’t gone out for a slinger in forever and a day. I looked back through my posts…it has been over two months since I’ve gone out to review a slinger. Who in the hell let me go two months without reviewing a slinger?

Oh well, let’s be on with it. The Piccadilly at Manhattan is just inside the St. Louis City limits in the Ellendale Neighborhood. There were signs all over the street saying “Ellendale welcomes you” so that’s good enough for me. They only do slingers during their Sunday Brunch…so I was concerned there may be a slinger fail…

Thankfully, not only did that not turn out to be the case, but we also enjoyed a Hoptimistic IPA by Charleville Brewing…which will turn up later in a beer post actually. I’m always nervous about going to get slingers on the one day a place serves them…but thankfully no issues this time.

The bar.

The Piccadilly at Manhattan is a long running place that’s survived three generations of family ownership and the great depression. It’s been remodeled with a nice bar and lots of comfortable seating. There seemed to be a great deal of regulars in the place enjoying their food and drinks.

At first I couldn’t find the slinger on the menu. I looked and looked and couldn’t find it. Bob found it listed under “Benedicts.” Umm. All of a sudden my mind raced to fancy pants slingers that never make the grade, but I ordered it anyway. This time, I wasn’t given any options on how my eggs were to be prepared…they were poached. I can’t say that I’m too much of a fan of poached eggs, but it is what it is.

Oh, my my.

So, let’s take it from the bottom to the top!

Hash browns: As listed in the menu, the slinger comes served a top of “hash brown cakes.”  This was the first time I’d ever seen this term. I was reminded of the hash browns at The Buttery Restaurant, but they were not nearly as good. They were soft and mushy. They had no crispness whatsoever.

Om nom nom...

Eggs: I don’t know that I’m really one to discuss the eggs here. I don’t like poached eggs and Idon’ t like any runny yolk eggs, but other than that, they were ok I guess….

Meat Patty: This was served with a 5oz grilled burger patty. This bad boy was fat and pink in the middle. This was the first medium rare burger I’ve ever had with a slinger and it was spectacular. This was the best slinger meat patty ever.

Chili: Here they use the famous “Edmond’s Chili” to make their slingers. Only the Riverside Cafe (RIP) ever made sure to mention that they used the Edmond’s chili in their slingers, but I’m relatively certain that Big Ed’s Chili Mac did as well. This really is just great slinger chili. Not too runny,  not too thick, and it has a wonderful and singular flavor.

Medium rare.

Toppins: Now here’s where we get to the interesting part. It had a less than generous helping of shredded cheeses. There were no onions or peppers…but it did have two thick cut slices of bacon! The bacon on this slinger was awesome. I can’t help but mention that the slinger, like all of their benedicts, came with fresh fruit. I quickly moved that off of my plate and onto my wife’s plate. She was kind enough to gift to me some of her pancakes….which were awesome too.

Sum Up: From the ground up there a definite attempt to class up this slinger, but unlike other classy slingers, it’s still a slinger. I loved their additions to traditional hangover food and would definitely recommend this offering to anyone. Just make sure you make it during brunch times (11am-3pm on Sundays). If you bring a friend, tell him to get pancakes.


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