St. Louis Steaks #6: Quincy Street Bistro

Posted: July 5, 2011 in St. Louis Steaks, STL: Princeton Heights
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On the corner.

This edition of St. Louis Steaks is very special. It was the first time my daughter and I went to lunch together. Oh, we’ve had lunch before, but this was our first time by ourselves. I’m hoping there will be many more. So…my day care lady told us that she had to close early, so I just had to take a half day off…and it was before a three day weekend…oh the horror! So, I was going to go to Columbo’s on Manchester for our lunch, but the wife seemed a bit put off by that…

So, I decided I was going to find a small south city bar and restaurant for lunch. Since I was taking my daughter to the doctor afterwards, I couldn’t have any booze on my breath. So I just had a diet coke. Sadly, I was a good boy. Driving down Gravois, I remembered that a little corner place had been remodeled and re-opened. I used to drive past this place nearly everyday and wish it was open…So, this seemed like a fine time to give it a try.

The front.

I pulled up and parked. After that I had to get out the pumpkin seat…no easy feat during lunch time traffic…and then we went in and I found myself  very pleasantly surprised as to how they’d decorated the place. I was never in the old one, but always thought it was a great location. It had been turned it into a very nice place. There’s a bar up front, with HDTVs covering the wall. I learned later that there’s a family dining room upstairs. When I arrived the waning moments of a Women’s World Cup match was on…England versus someone…I ended up counting no less than six large TVs around the place.

Everyone seemed to notice my daughter. The owner, the hostess, the waitress, and a couple patrons talked to me about her and wanted to come and meet E-J. I suppose that I’m going to have to get used to her stopping traffic…anyway….I don’t think anybody REALLY wants to hear my wax poetic about my beautiful and talented infant daughter.

My desire to get a steak sandwich obviously didn’t go unrequited. So let’s get a look at it.

Steak sandwich and fries.

Quincy Street Bistro serves a New York Strip steak sandwich. I didn’t get a good look at the menu…just saw steak and ordered it. So I really didn’t know what came on it. I wanted to eat a steak sandwich and they served one, so obviously, I ordered the steak sandwich. Steak sandwich, medium rare, hot sauce and steak sauce please.

So, when it arrived I was pleased that it came on garlic bread of some sort. The steak itself had nice crisscross grill marks and it was also smothered in onions…sauteed onions. I was a bit surprised to see that there wasn’t a slice of cheese on top of it, but other than that, my sandwich looked really good and I was hungry. It was about ninety minutes after I normally eat…so my blood sugar was starting to revolt…

Where's my cheese?

After I bit into it…I found that it was fatty and grisly. It was hard to chew this sandwich. This is about the biggest sin one can commit with a steak sandwich. The meat has to be good quality so it can be eaten as a sandwich. The bread was very hard as well, and tended to hurt the roof of my mouth…yes…yes…mamby pamby, but I am paying for this after all. The menu stated it was served on garlic bread, but I surely didn’t taste any of the garlic in the bread.

The parts of the steak that I could eat easily were properly cooked to my medium rare, and very tasty, but there was just too little of that part of the sandwich. It was mostly fatty and hard to chew. I should be able to bite into my sandwich and eat it without any difficulty, regardless of what meat is on the sandwich, and that I couldn’t do.

I will be back to have more meals here, but I’ll be passing on their steak sandwich next time.

  1. Andy Huffman says:

    damn that steak looks good! It was a shame to read that the cut wasn’t well selected.

  2. szlifierki says:

    This article was really good. I look forward to reading another one.

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