St. Louis Steaks #5: Lafayette Fire Co No 1

Posted: June 15, 2011 in St. Louis Steaks, STL: Lafayette Square
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The Place.

Another day out and about with my wife and daughter found me going back to the Lafayette Fire Company No 1.

Originally, we were going to eat some tacos at Esquina de Sabor on Cherokee St, but the rainy weather kind of put the kabosh on that…so instead we headed up to Lafayette Square to get our lunch.

A quick perusal of their menu showed the steak sandwich on the menu, and even though I’d had two other steak sandwiches that week, I thought a third was in order! I’d been there in the past to have their slinger, but that had been quite some time ago and I really didn’t look at their menu all that closely, so it was a happy surprise.

I ordered my sandwich medium rare, with cheddar cheese, and with peppers. The wife was shocked that I didn’t get the pepper jack cheese that was offered, but I thought this time something a bit different might be nice. There were also optional mushrooms, which I opted not to try.

So, let’s look at the sandwich.

My lunch.

When I ordered peppers on the sandwich, I thought I would be getting jalapeno peppers on top of my steak, but what I received was chopped green and red bell peppers. Upon biting into them, I found them to be very fresh and crunchy.

Peppers and cheese.

This was the first steak sandwich that came with diced bell peppers. This really was a wonderful addition. I add bell peppers to the Philly Cheese Steaks I make at home, so why not on a sirloin sandwich?

Aside from the peppers and cheese, I was also given a gaggle of veggie toppings: Lettuce, pickle chips, tomatoes, red onion, and some sort of sauce. I tasted it, and I decided to live by the lesson I learned at Graham’s Grill…just stick with hot sauce and steak sauce. That’s what I like and that’s what I’m sticking with.


I’m now going to move onto the cheese. As mentioned, my wife was quite shocked that I went with the cheddar. I was actually kind of surprised that I ordered it as well, but I can’t complain there..besides it was my ridiculous choice anyway.. I was also glad to see the cheese covered the entire piece of meat.

As per my wont, I ordered the steak to be cooked medium rare. I’m sad to say, that the pink middle I expected didn’t exist. The meat did taste wonderful. It was nicely seared and perfectly seasoned. Happily it didn’t have any fat or gristle issues either. I could easily bit into and chew the steak. I just wish it had been cooked as I ordered it, but even so, this was still the best sandwich I have had thus far. Definitely check it out!


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