St. Louis Steaks #4: Michaels Bar and Grill

Posted: June 7, 2011 in St. Louis Steaks
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The place the places.

This trip for a steak sandwich was a bit unusual because it was on a Friday afternoon. The wife and I had to take our darling daughter to the pediatrician for her latest round of vaccinations, so I had the morning off.

I felt like this would be another great opportunity to try another steak sandwich and keep this ball rolling…since I had one person say that he’s enjoying these, that must mean that a billion people are enjoying them right? So onward! More steak sandwiches!

I first discovered this place a couple of years back when we took my mother here for Mother’s Day.

She and my stepdad had been coming here for years.  We had a great time and I believe that this is when I discovered their steak sandwich. Now, a couple years in later, I went back to have that sandwich again so that I could bring it to everybody else.

The Ribeye Steak Sandwich

Like most steak sandwiches, it came with fries and cheese. Unlike most steak sandwiches, it also came with my choice of cheese. I couldn’t decide on a single cheese, so I went with two: Pepper Jack and Provolone, and as usual I ordered my steak medium rare.

The maw.

Another difference here is how they dole out the toppins. Instead of sauteed onions already on top, I was given a large onion slice, two long pickle slices, a lettuce leaf, and a slice of tomato. I choose to leave the tomato off.

The slice of steak itself was in a tear drop shape and when I put it all together on the sandwich, it kind of rolled over making sort of a sandwich in a sandwich.

Tear drop shape.

The meat itself was grilled perfectly to my tastes and my order. I saw another customer getting his as we were leaving and his was much more well done than I prefer. So I believe I can say that they do a good job at getting your order right at Michaels.

The most important aspect of the steak sandwich though, is how easy it is to eat the thing and there were zero issues with this cut of meat. I could just open up and chew it down. There were  no veins of fat or gristle, just a nice slab of good quality meat on a great hoagie roll. My only complaint, and this is my fault, is that the two cheeses didnt’ really do anything. I will say that there should have been a bit more of  a kick in the pepper there wasn’t one at all. Don’t do provolone and pepper jack on this sandwich. There’s just really no point at all to it, but do stop by and get this sandwich.

You won’t go wrong with it. So far, this is the reigning champion of the sandwiches.


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