St. Louis Steaks #2: Grahams Bayou Bar & Grill

Posted: May 24, 2011 in Kirkwood, St. Louis Steaks
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The place.

First off, let’s address this…I know this is outside of St. Louis City, but I also happen to really like this place, but I did live in the county and while I did, there were a bunch of places in Kirkwood that I came to enjoy…

So, we were there on a weeknight and had some gift certificates and we were getting a nice dinner and I saw that they had a steak sandwich on the menu. Well, I also knew that I was headed in this direction, so I decided that I was going to get one.

I have eaten at this restaurant about a hundred times and I’ve never been disappointed in any way. Mostly I’ve gotten their burgers and their seafood. Their shark bites are only about a hundred times better than those at Sybergs. I had never had their steak sandwich though. The hook on their sandwich is that it comes open face. This is the first time I’ve encountered this, so let’s get a look.

Their sandwich.

It comes open face in a bourbon sauce with fries, a pickle, and cole slaw. I’m not a big fan of cole slaw, so I gave that to the wife…and I don’t think she touched it. When I ordered the sandwich, I was asked how I’d like it cooked. I thought that this must be pretty fancy for me to be able to choose how it’s cooked!

I’m happy to report that it came as requested: medium rare. Nicely pink in the middle and there was a goodly portion of the chopped steak. The way it’s served reminded me quite a lot of my last run to a Japanese Steak House and the surf and turf that I’d ordered…but it was called the Emperor’s Something Or Other…

Close up.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get behind the bourbon sauce, and like a fool I continued to use it in stead of the hot sauce that was on the table…that I didn’t even see until after I was finished eating…mega fail.

There was a very noticeable charred carbon taste to the meat which I don’t normally enjoy over much. I prefer to taste simply the meat and not the method of the cooking. I suppose Hank Hill’s taste the meat not the heat campaign would work well on me…

The only other issue I had with the sandwich itself was the open facedness of the sandwich. I suppose had I a larger plate or a proper steak knife, this wouldn’t have mattered one iota, but I didn’t so I’m going to complain.

My last recommendation on the sandwich is to avoid their fries and get onion rings in stead. All in all this is a very good sandwich an it’d be hard to imagine someone not enjoying it. For me…better knife, hot sauce instead of bourbon sauce, and onion rings instead of fries and I’d enjoy the hell out of this meal.

I also wanted to get this bit of information out there…I do apologize for the quality of the pics that will be in some of the St. Louis Steaks posts. As I won’t be going out to blog like with slingers, fish frys, and beer, I won’t normally have my nice camera in my pocket, but only my cell phone…and it has no…sorry.


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