The Return to Chris’s Pancake House

Posted: May 17, 2011 in slinger, STL: Clifton Heights

The home of the pancakes.

So, I have never done this before, but I think I need to revisit Chris’s Pancake House.

Hopefully, someone who’s reading this will have read the original trip to Chris’s Pancake House. If not, just click there.

Their slinger was the gold standard of slingers for a very long time, until Big Ed’s Chili Mac, and aside from Courtesy Hampton, it was pretty much the only place I’ve ever gone for recreational slingers. As much as I love the dish, I try to only get them when I can blog about it…I mean…why waste a 3,000 calorie meal right?

So, on the weekend my daughter was baptized, we took a trip over to Chris’s Pancake House for our Sunday Brunch…and I got their slinger. Now I have had their slinger at least five times, by far the most often of any slinger I’ve ever had.

Of course, when I go there, I get pancakes alongside of it because their pancakes are just great. So, since I’m a hypoglycemic, I normally can’t eat pancakes for breakfast, but with a goodly sized protein and grease bomb of a slinger, I totally can.

Well, it was a damned good thing that I had ordered pancakes because my slinger really was just awful this time around. I only ate about a third of it.

Let’s do the run down:

Burger Patty: This thing was burnt to a crisp. Just horrible.

Chili: I don’t know if it changed or not, but it was thin and runny…that’s just no good on a slinger.

Hash browns: soft and mushy.

Eggs: Eggs are eggs.

Toppins: Needs onions and more cheese.

I now have rescind my espousal of this slinger. I don’t know for sure if the slinger has changed or if my tastes have changed and become more refined, but either way…there are significantly better options.

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