The Slinger Casserole

Posted: April 25, 2011 in slinger, What the hell?

Putting on the chef's hat.

Sometime last year…I was told that since I have such ideas as to what a perfect slinger should be…I should make one myself and blog about that….well…I’m no good at making hash browns…just can’t do it…so that idea is basically nixed. However, this is about as close as I’m going to come that until such time as I learn how to properly make hash browns, or I’d have to admit that my slinger sucked.

So, this thing started last year. My wife and I do Easter at her aunt and uncle’s house each year and we bring donut holes. Well…I wanted to something more ambitious than that as most of the dishes at Easter are casseroles or desserts. Well, my wife says, you could make a slinger casserole….

I find it interesting how in my life things just kind of come off of a random statement….so for nearly a year I have worked on designing this dish. I have scoured recipes of hash brown casseroles, scrambled egg casseroles…then I had an idea of what I should do…

Unfortunately, I lost all of those recipes and I was flying blind yesterday morning.

Well… I started with the chili…

One pound of burger meat.


I just was keeping it simple on the seasonings.

Instant hash browns yes...

Since I’m no good at real hash browns…yes I used instant.

Browning up the meat.

Chili fixins.

I had never used either brand of these canned bits before…but organic…ranchero…I mean..that’s Spanish for good…(if you don’t speak Spanish…y yo hablo espanol pues yo sé que dije…solamente fue una broma.)

Beans and tomatoes.

That surely looks appetizing doesn’ t it? After stirring all of that in, I saw that the chili was a bit too thick.

Pasta sauce.

I always put some pasta sauce in my chili to give it a more unique flavor and because most people I cook for do not like tomatoes…

Hash browns.

So, I took the partially cooked instant hash browns and layered them on the bottom of the dish. This is also when I brought my daughter into the kitchen and cooking became a dance party to keep her giggling. My wife also felt at this point that my just winging this dish was a very bad plan indeed…so we then sat down and were both googling recipes on our phones…


Thanks to such things as googling recipes…I learned that the eggs shouldn’t be cooked before putting them into the dish…so my wife became the beneficiary of scrambled eggs…


This dish has to be extremely cheesy. So I started with a layer on the hash browns.


Remember how I was just winging this thing? Well, I didn’t exactly have a list of ingredients with me at the store…but I had an onion at home….

Artistic shot.

This is my artistic side.


I like a lot of onions on the slinger…so I put a nice layer down on the cheese.

Remember the eggs?

Add some salt, pepper, and chives then start to beat up the eggs.


Add a little milk and flour to make them fluffy.

Pouring on the eggs.

After getting them full of seasoning, flour, and milk, I poured the mixture all over the hash browns and cheese mixture.

Chili and Cheese.

Then I poured on the chili and added another layer of cheese.

Hansel and Gretal.

Then it was into the oven with the dish. I think I put it at 350 degrees for like 45 minutes or so…but I kind of forget now.

Out of the oven.

And here it is. This was right after it was pulled from the oven….

One more whack with cheese.

Now, this is where I made my mistake. I shouldn’t have put this on there, because now it went back into the oven to stay warm, and the cheese didn’t fully melt, which made it look a bit unappetizing.

All in all, this thing turned out pretty good. I’d say about 80% of it was eaten. I was shocked honestly.

  1. Kevin at 807 says:

    isn’t it missing hamburger patty/sausage patty/bacon or something???

  2. Ryan aka oregonmon says:

    Haha, slinger casserole. Needs bacon. Nice write up with photos, good job.

  3. Old Codger says:

    Ummm, isn’t pasta sauce made from tomatoes? Too bad I didn’t get to eat any of your casserole dish!

    • The 13 Blog says:

      It sounds so simple doesn’t it? But most people I’ve known that won’t eat tomatoes, will eat pasta sauce, ketchup, etc….I don’t understand…but that’s the way it is.

      • Mike says:

        Liked you attempt. I too don’t like raw tomato, but love them cooked.

        Perhpas your chili would of benefitted from some cumin.

      • The 13 Blog says:

        There are a lot of things I’d normally do with the chili it wasn’t for mass consumption…I like VERY spicy food and didn’t want to burn anybody too badly. 🙂

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