Fish Frydays 2011 #6: St. John The Baptist

Posted: April 19, 2011 in Fish Frydays, STL: Bevo

Last One.

This was our last official Lenten Fish Fry of the season. We chose to go to St. John the Baptist on Delor St. in the Bevo Neighborhood. This school held a lot of childhood memories for me. I used to live just five blocks away down Walsh on Alexander about 25 years ago. I used to play ball in the playground quite a bit when I was younger. A bunch of my friends used to go to school there as well.

Beyond my childhood memories of this school, last year my wife and a few friends did a charity trivia event here and we had a lot of fun…but that event did give me pause on the quality of beer I’d be enjoying later….

Since this was our last fish fry of the season, I was still holding out hope that I’d be enjoying a cold Schlafly along with some tasty hand breaded deep fried fish.

The kitchen.

Spoiler alert: I received neither of those at St. John the Baptist, but we did have an enjoyable evening in South St. Louis City.

For the price of $8 dollars, I was given my choice of fish and some undermined number of side dishes. I’m not sure that anyone really knew how many we were supposed to have gotten. Originally, I asked for the pollack and some onion rings. The boy working there and I then began to haggle over how many side dishes I was entitled too.

I ended up with four side dishes: onion rings, french fries, mac and cheese, and cole slaw. My father in law stopped at one…he bought too soon. Had he held out, he could’ve had a South City feast!

My meal.

I do not believe I’ve ever had onion rings with a Lenten fish fry and let me tell you, they were spectacular. I would have to say that these onion rings were the very best side dish I have ever had at a fish fry. We were even considering getting another order of just the onion rings…..

The fish.

The cole slaw and the fries were just ok. The fries were clearly boxed and the cole slaw was too creamy. I didn’t even finish off the cole slaw…I was very interested to try the mac and cheese because it’s home made.

Their mac and cheese was definitely really tasty. Unfortunately,it was really cold. What was most unfortunate is that the mac and cheese was the only food that I believe was actually home made and not out of a box. This side dish could have been the highlight of t he meal. I asked for a fried pollack and was given a perfect rectangular piece of fish…I didn’t have much of a hope on this…

I did find some lemons at the iced tea station, so I grabbed a couple of wedges and squeezed them all over to add a bit of extra flavor. The first couple of bites really didn’t taste all that great, but after the lemon juice got in there, it ended being quite enjoyable really, even thought it was a boxed fish.

Dessert. Sugar coated brownie.

We were also allowed to pick a dessert out with our meal. I chose a piece of chocolate cake with chocolate icing for my  wife, and a powder sugar coated brownie for myself. I think my wife enjoyed hers, as she didn’t give me any of the cake she promised to share…

The beer selection was kind of a contradiction in terms. they only had Bud Light. Well…there’s nothing I can say about that aside from it was a disappointment. I understand that Bud Light is the most popular beer in the world…but I’ve never put much stock in what’s the most popular thing in the world.

This wasn’t the best fish fry of the year, but it wasn’t the worst either and all in all, we went out and had some fish…it’s always fun no matter what.

  1. S says:

    I really enjoy your blog. The list of places I want to see.try in St L grows ever longer. I don’t think a week is going to cut it, lol.

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