Fish Frydays 2011 #1: St. Agatha’s

Posted: March 14, 2011 in Fish Frydays, STL: Soulard
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It is that time.

Once again, it’s time for Lenten Fish Fries in St. Louis. This year things are a little bit different for our family, becasue we’re now bringing along a newborn baby, my daughter, along with us to the fish fries. She’s going to make these outings a bit more interesting this year and possibly a bit scarcer.  Because this time it was just my newclear family,my in-laws didn’t come along as they had other plans, we decided to stay close and we went to St. Agatha’s in Benton Park West.

As Friday Night Fish said, it was a little hard to find the entrance to the place, but I saw a couple of older gentlemen shlepping in some Polish beer, and I kind of thought they knew where to go…So I asked them and followed their directions down the tiny stairway into what also doubles as their coffee shop.

My baby's ginger head.

St. Agatha’s is a pretty small parish in a gorgeous building in an up and coming neighborhood in South City right around the Brewery and just a hop skip and a jump from my mother’s house. This ended up being very good for us, as we wanted to be in and out quickly in order to avoid any meltdowns with the new baby.

We went in and everyone there was just wonderfully sweet. The little old ladies running the food line, the old men selling and drinking their Polish beers, and the parishioners were wonderful as well. Two nice men took a family photo for us…that meant a lot because it was our first real family outing. Everybody there seemed to think it was cute that I was snapping pix of the place.

Since this is a very small fish fry, they don’t need several fancy choices. You give them $6 and they give you about eight pounds of food including a hand breaded talapia fillet. Like a fool, I chose not to eat the Polish sour kraut side dish… So, we sat down and I headed over to get a beer.

Polish Beers.

I walked up and saw the beer selection and I had not heard of a single beer they were offering. When I can go to a fish fry and not have to drink any AB/InBev products, I’m happy, but when they don’t even have them, I’m ecstatic. They were offering several Polish beers only and all of them were full pints. Any one of these beers was only $3. I asked what was good and then I had a great conversation about their beers. This is where I have to make sure everybody notices what they’re getting. Several of their beers were 7% and stronger, and again, served in full pints…so if you’re driving, be very careful. They had dark, light, and even malt liquors, and they’re all from Poland. So I picked out my beer and I was ready to enjoy my meal.


My beer.

I really couldn’t believe how much food they gave me. I had a plate full of fish, mostaccioli, french fries, and cole slaw. This was by far the most food I have ever gotten at a fish fry for the least amount of money. It was kind of staggering how much food they gave me.

The fish was large and delicious. It was flaky and so flavorful. this was the best piece of fish I have ever gotten at a fish fry. The mostaccioli and cole slaw were average fair, as were the fries, but their fish is the star…or is it their beer selection? Either way…their beer and fish were spectacular. I really can’t think of anything better I can say about a Lenten Fish Fry: great beer and great fish. I don’t really care too much about the sides honestly, unless they’re really great…which has only happened once or twice that I can recall. I almost want to go back every week so I can try more of their beers, because I have no clue where they’re getting this stuff.

Bottom Line: Go and eat their fish.

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  2. Susan Allen & Douglis Beck says:

    Please subscribe us to your blog.

  3. Julia888 says:

    Just a note – Saint Agatha’s is in Soulard.

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