Part 31 of the Continuing Series, St. Louis’s Perfect Slinger: Murdoch Perk

Posted: March 3, 2011 in slinger, STL: Southampton
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Murdoch Perk

With all the beer talk, the Poutine, the Potato Chips, I wonder if anybody has forgotten that we still love the slinger here at the 13 Blog…

Of course not…so here we go one more time. Thanks to a reader, we were going to head to the Southtown Pub for their Sunday Brunch Slinger…well…we couldn’t get one, due to their stopping…so…quickly we had to dig up a replacement plan. We ended up choosing another reader suggested establishment, Murdoch Perk in The Southampton on the corner of Murdoch and Macklind.  I was told of their “Hungryman” which is a slinger without a meat patty. Well, I was pretty sure I could put a meat patty on there and turn their hungry man into a slinger.

From our seat.

Murdoch Perk is a quaint little coffee shop and cafe in South City. There are a great number of other businesses I want to try in the future..the Mack, Macklind Deli… The Macklind District as they’re calling it is certainly popping up with some nice businesses and I have heard great thinks about the Macklind Deli.

Anyway, we’re hear to talk about the slinger. This is a largely self service place like Local Harvest Cafe. So I walked up and ordered a hungry man, scrambled and asked for a meat patty on top..a sausage or burger..well, they don’t have burgers, so I got two sausage patties. The girl working there did try to talk me out of it…but I stuck to my guns.

So…let’s see it then:

The Hungryman turned slinger.

The bowl this came in was just huge, but we’re not talking about bowls, so let’s get right down to it.

Potatoes: The menu just said served with potatoes and I was given breakfast potatoes underneath the whole thing. They were ok, but fairly bland. It really made me miss the crunch of good hash browns.

Eggs: My scrambled eggs were a bit tough…overcooked and a giant disc. I had a pretty hard time mixing this slinger up.

Up close with the patties.

Meat Patty: I was given two thing sausage discs on top of my hungryman. This is how I’m justifying it as a slinger. The patties were fairly tough, thin, and very sweet. I think they were doused in some sort of maple syrup while they were cooked. I would prefer them not being sweet.

Chili: They proudly stated that the hungryman used Ed’s Spicy Chili. In my head, that meant Edmond’s Chili. Unfortunately, this was not the case. To call this chili spicy was a misnomer at best. Even with the slinger awash in Frank’s Red Hot, it still wasn’t spicy. The chili was also very sweet and beanless. So, now to those who’ve made the claims…I’ve had a fried egg slinger and I’ve had beanless chili slingers. Final thought: the chili needs beans and I’m sticking with scrambled eggs.

Toppins: The closest thing to a toppin in this slinger were squares of carrots with the potatoes. No cheese. No onions. Nothing.

Sum  Up: The whole slinger tasted sweet. I ate it, but it just didn’t taste right with all the sweet flavoring, the lack of beans, the lack of cheese…it was just missing too much. I suppose the extra ingredients really do quite a lot for a slinger in the end.


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