Beer Squared #4: Miscellaneous

Posted: February 21, 2011 in Beer Squared
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The Fridge.

Another day, and it’s another beer to talk about. This edition we’re going to be trying two very distinct and different beers:

Amarcord, produced by Birra Amarcord and Hoss by Great Divide.

We’re now trying to compare similar beers each go round, but as it turns out, these two beers are very unique, at least to us I suppose and we’re still novices here and trying to try every beer that can be tried!

We were out picking some beers last week and made some unique pick a sixes and I came home with the Hoss and Bob came home with the Italian Wine Ale . After tasting the Hoss I knew Bob had to try it, and after he tasted the Italian Wine Ale, he wanted me to try it…so here we have this edition of beer squared.

Amarcord by Birra Amarcord


Nik: I have never seen a beer that was anything like this one. I opened it up and poured it into our glass and stared at it for a minute. This beer literally looks like it was poured into my glass straight out of the Mighty Mississippi. I just watched it settle for about 4 minutes…it was fascinating. I took a drink of it and at first it tasted wonderful. It has a nice full bodied brown ale flavor and color in spades. It however had a finish that tasted like wine. At first I really enjoyed this beer, but then as I drank more of it, the wine flavor really just turned me off. I won’t drink this one again.

Bob: The only things going for this beer are the name, label and bottle shape (which are very sexy.) The brew itself has an off-putting aroma, unpleasantly fruity flavors, murky appearance and is just generally nasty. Not only would I not buy this again, but I couldn’t even make it through the glassful I poured to taste it. It went down the sink instead. The mountains between Italy and Germany are apparently unconqerable, at least as far as beer is concerned.

Hoss Rye Lager by Great Divide


Nik: I was really excited to try this one out. I’m always excited to give beers by Great Divide a try, but I did not expect a super hoppy lager… This beer has a very bitter flavor and finish. I like a good bitter finish, but I need a smooth flavor. Like the Schalfly Bourbon Stout is has a very sharp flavor to it, but it was just far too bitter for me to enjoy. I find myself now asking what was it about Great Divide that I found so appealing? I can name three of their beers that I have had and only one of them did I like at all.

Bob: I have to admit that the few offerings I’ve tasted previously from Great Divide weren’t particularly inspiring, but I liked the “Hoss” quite a bit. Perhaps it’s the cowboy in me. This is a very fine lager with complex but balanced flavor and aroma. Judging from the description of ingredients on the bottle I would say that is more due to the hops they used rather than the small amount of rye. In any event it sat nicely in the glass, with good head and color, and went down smoothly, leaving me with a nice aftertaste that wanted more.


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