You Know My Coffee Order?

Posted: February 18, 2011 in What the hell?
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Yes I watch Glee.

It was suggested that I begin branching out on things. So, I guess in the loosest sense I’m a food blogger…so I’m going to continue to talk about food, beverages and that sort of stuff. So let me set the stage for this one…during the first month of the baby, we’re living with our in laws to make our transition easier. They drink ONLY decaf. So…my mother in law says to me…Nik, you can make single servings in our espresso maker. Well, after my time as a barista (back back in the way back…), I can work an espresso machine. I didn’t know about using one to make a single cup of normal coffee…but it’s their machine I thought they knew what they were doing. So…I really wanted a coffee.

Well my preferred brand is White Castles Brand Coffee….(seriously…that and Tim Hortons). Well I bring over my coffee and we start…well it came out as White Castles espresso…and not coffee…I know this sounds perfectly logical, but you’ve probably already had your coffee at the time you’ve read this…I hadn’t. I assumed they meant make a cup of coffee…so I did what any good decaffeinated caffeine addict would…

I made a Vanilla White Castle Latte.

Step one.

We start with the machine. It’s an espresso machine. I think this part is pretty obvious.

Step two.

Now grab the coffee. As mentioned, I love Whitey’s coffee. It started as sort of a dare…I saw it in the stores for years…and I said I’d buy it, but never did..then I did…and now it’s my coffee. I’ve never actually had a cup with my sliders….

Step three.

This genuinely is White Castle Brand Coffee in the espresso jiggy. I don’t recall what that thing is called…but that’s Whitey’s in it. Make sure you put enough in there. It’s bigger than ground espresso, so more water will flow through it more easily.

Step four.

These are the other bits that are required to make this in my home. I don’t have vanilla syrup, but I do have French Vanilla flavored creamer, and of course milk. I can’t imagine drinking the latte out of a the mug too. Mugs can be found in most homes’ cabinets. Put in the milk and creamer.

Step five.

Ahhh…the espresso is pouring out. I don’t know where White Castle gets their beans or what not…but damn do I love it.

Step six.

Now, here’s where things get interesting. On the first one I made, I chose to steam it. I had forgotten that for some reason, I can’t steam for lattes. I can only foam for cappuccinos. My lattes always would come out foamy.  So…subsequent Whitey’s Lattes have been microwaved. It’s also not as messy and just plain easier.

Step seven.

On step seven you look at the White Castle espresso and the “steamed” milk and cream that just came out the steamer, i.e. microwave.

Step eight.

Now, dump it in there, but you have to be careful when measuring out the milk and cream…because too many times I’ve had to drink warm cream and milk to ensure the espresso fit into the cup….that was less than pleasant.

Step nine.

Now in this step, you pose your latte with the bag and snap a photo…but you can really skip this one and just go straight on to drinking it…that’s really your choice. I mean…I think most folks would prefer to NOT let people know that they’re drinking White Castle coffee…much less turning it into lattes…so just tilt your head back and let the latte get it done.

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