Part 30 of the Continuing Series, St. Louis’s Perfect Slinger: Big Ed’s Chili Mac

Posted: February 9, 2011 in diner, slinger, STL: Downtown
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The Famous...

Off on another trek to get another slinger at another diner in the City of St. Louis. This time we returned to a place where we’d had a slinger fail: Ed’s Chili Mac’s Diner.

This time, with my paternity leave going, we knew they’d be open and I’d be able to get a slinger.

What makes this diner special is that it’s a former OT Hodge Chili Parlor location. They also have about thirty different dishes that feature their chili. At this point I really began to hope that their chili was good. A good slinger must have good chili. This is truth.

The bar.

On the inside, this place is a total diner in every sense of the word. I’m pretty sure our waitress was named Flo, but I can’t be certain.

The decor of Ed’s Chili Mac clearly hasn’t changed since the building was built back in the god knows when.. Every time I’ve been to a place like this, I’ve always walked out full and happy because I’d had a good slinger…well except for the foray into the county at Tiffany Diner…

So, I had pretty high hopes here. This place was hard to get to because of their hours. They’re ONLY open 6am-2pm Mon-Fri. That was why we had a slinger fail the first time we came.

So…let’s get it on.

The Slinger.

Their slinger: 2 burger patties, one egg, American fries, and chili. I was scared.

Potatoes: It was listed as American Fries. I didn’t know what those would be, but I was expecting waffle fries. I was very wrong indeed. It turned out to be fried potatoes, and though they weren’t hash browns, and they weren’t crispy, they were still very enjoyable.

Eggs: I was a little concerned as they only give you one egg in their slinger. Normally it’s two, and I thought that it might not have been enough, but it was plenty.

Chili powder.

Meat Patty: Normally, I get one hamburger patty or two sausage patties…but here…they give you TWO hamburger patties…this slinger is quickly getting way out of hand, but we’re on a mission.

These were two frozen patties cooked up on a grill that’s been cooking patties for years and all that flavor is still soaked up in there, so these bad boys came out great. That’s a big part of why diners make the best slingers.

Chili: When your establishment serves chili in about thirty different dishes, it had better be quite good indeed and here it was spectacular. It was the best chili I have had on a slinger yet. Better than the steak chili at Soulard Coffee Garden, better than the chili at Riverside Cafe, better than at Chris’s Pancake house…it was the best. This chili was the right flavor, thickness, and quantity for my slinger.

Toppins: Our waitress asked if I wanted cheese and onions, and I said yes.


They came in a little bowl. They gave me raw onions and shredded cheddar cheese. I prefer the cheese to be under the patties, but I’ll take it. I did get a too few onions, but not by much. All in all, no real complaints there.

Sum Up: I have now had over thirty different slingers in my life and I’ve reviewed thirty on this silly blog and I can say that this is the best slinger I have ever had. It’s not perfect, but it’s spectacular.

Clean plate.

Even though I was well past full, I continued to plow along and finish off this masterpiece of a slinger. It was just that good. Even though one of the components was wrong, this is now the reigning king of slingers in St. Louis City.

Now a brief moment of reflection…I have been at this for almost two years now and there’s no sign of stopping now. When I think back to all of the slingers…it’s a bit staggering really. I think the only other dish I’ve had from this many places would have to be chicken fried rice. Thank you to all my readers and I only have four more places to go in St. Louis City…so please keep suggesting city locations.

There will be one more slinger eaten before we get back onto Lenten Fish Frys. So keep a lookout for Fish Frydays 2011 and Beer Squareds are in the pipeline and will be released soon. Please keep reading as we expand our focus.

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