Beer Squared #2

Posted: January 31, 2011 in Beer Squared
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The Fridge.

Here we are the second running of beer squared.  If you didn’t enjoy the first one, perhaps the second one will be more your cup of tea…or pint of beer?  Perhaps you prefer a frozen mug.

Either way, we’re doing this again and most likely we’ll keep doing this over and over, just because we both really seem to enjoy a good beer and the adventure of the nasty ones on our way to the great ones.

For this round of beers, we didn’t go into the basement to pick beers from the Fridge of Joy.  Instead, I brought a couple with me. We tried Millenium Buzz by Cool Beer of Toronto and Bourbon Barrel Stout by Odell Brewing Company.

These two beers reflect to growing trends in beer brewing: bourbon barrel aging and adding hemp to the barley. With both of these styles of beer, I’ve had others and have an example to compare them to.

Millenium Buzz by Cool Beer

Millenium Buzz by Cool Beer.

Nik: When driving through Ontario on our way back from Buffalo, NY, my wife and I stopped in the Beer Store and this was one of the selections that I came home with. I wanted to come back with new beers that were personally imported from Canada. I’ve got a bit of a love affair with O’Fallon Hemp Hop Rye Ale, so this really piqued my interest. As Cool Beer says, this is a red lager made with all natural ingredients and a 5.0% ABV.  I suppose the most important thing I can say about this beer is that I don’t think the hemp does anything at all for the flavor.

When I first tried it, I was really excited by this beer, but now, it’s good, but it’s not really anything to pine about for those of us that are south of Ontario.

Bob: Refreshing but simple. Clean taste and light feel. Nothing I prefer to other, more interesting, beers that would make me want to buy it again.

Bourbon Barrel Stout by Odell Brewing Company

Bourbon Barrel Stout by Odell Brewing Company

Nik: This beer was one of my Christmas presents. My family tends to buy me kinds of booze as presents. Birthday, Christmas, and even a bottle of Maker’s Mark Bourbon for a “shower present” from my stepdad. I have to say that I really  like this trend.

Very hard to open.

This is a bourbon barrel imperial stout by Odell Brewing Company, the makers of 90 Shilling Ale. In this category, the Schlafly Reserve Bourbon Barrel is the gold standard here. This beer is a bit smoother than the Schlafly. Of the three “bourbon beers” I’ve had, this definitely has the strongest bourbon flavor. What I liked about the Schafly was the sharp taste and the bourbon aftertaste.

The Odell’s bourbon barrel imperial stout with its 10.5% ABV is very smooth and one has to be very careful about drinking it. Since these beers come if 750ML bottles, they typically will be consumed in a single serving. This is a good beer, but it does not measure of up the Schlafly of the same variety.

Bob: Very heavily bourbon flavored. Sippable, and got it for a great closeout price. Would not buy at regular pricing, though, as long as Schlafly’s continues to make one that I consider to be wonderfully balanced and rewarding.

Final Note: Each of these beers represent a trend in today’s brewing: aging beers in bourbon barrels or using hemp. For me, I really think that the bourbon barrel beers are fantastic and the hemp beers are just a gimmick.

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