Part 29 of the Continuing Series, St. Louis’s Perfect Slinger: Shady Jack’s Saloon

Posted: January 24, 2011 in slinger, STL: Near North Riverfront
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The Saloon.

This past weekend we took another trip out to find a slinger…my last one before the baby actually…  What we didn’t know when we got in the car was that we would be ending up in on the Near North Side in a biker bar…

But let’s back up a little bit.  One of my readers pointed out that Southtown Pub now serves slingers…but I didn’t know that they only serve them with Sunday Brunch…so, all of a sudden we were heading out to our back up place…which we didn’t have. Bob remembered there was a biker bar that had a slinger on Broadway, so we got back in the car and headed north….

To the door...

The biggest problem we had was that we couldn’t remember the name of the place. Bob was sure that it was on Broadway. So, we circled the wagons around Lumiere Casino and found our way north up Broadway. We parked out front and went in through their corridor to get in. They have a bit of a strange set up to find the door, and you walk under a motorcycle hanging up. This is a bit of a biker bar, but it seems to be more of a touristy kind of biker bar as opposed to one where bikers would hang out. They also have a gift shop in the back of the place.

So I did the usual menu perusing to find my slinger. I couldn’t find it. I did get a very nice Schlafly Hefeweizen though. So when our waitress comes back, I ask her about a slinger, and she says a flinger? No a slinger. Bob and I remembered  that I did want a flinger and not a slinger. We had forgotten that they serve a flinger and not a slinger…A flinger is a scaled down version of the breakfast plate, or very loaded fries.  Either way, it is an appetizer and not a breakfast item for Shady Jack’s.

The Flinger.

So, they’ve taken the slinger, made a couple subtractions and one addition and made a flinger. Just like the Wilbur and the Jack Patrick’s slinger it’s missing some key components, but I will still rate it as a slinger.

Potatoes: For the first time, I had waffle fries. Normally, I don’t like waffle fries at all, but in this dish they really worked. With the cheese, onions, chili, etc, the waffle fries worked like chips.

Close up.

Meat Patty: Like the Wilbur, their meat patty was MIA.

Chili: I have learned that chili is really the make or break ingredient on slingers/flingers/etc. Hammerstones, Soulard Coffee Garden, etc have made good slingers without the normal ingredients because of their awesome chili and Shady Jack’s definitely made some spectacular chili. It was very meaty and and just the right thickness. It was so meaty that I almost didn’t care that there was no meat patty. It was just the perfect slinger chili.

Eggs: Also MIA…

Toppins: Here is another place the flinger shines. They put raw, chopped onions and chopped tomatoes all over it. This was the first time having chopped tomatoes and they really added to the experience for me. Both of the chopped veggies were also very fresh. The other change they made was instead of shredded cheese or cheese slices, they used melted cheese like on cheese fries, also spectacular.


Sum Up: Is this the perfect slinger? Nope far from it, but they also don’t purport it to be. What I can say was that this dish was very, VERY tasty. I really enjoyed my flinger.

Shady Jack’s was a fun little place.  The waitress and the bartender that were working that morning both had the look and the attitude for a biker bar. When they say it is a saloon and deli, I believe they certainly mean it.  Their bar was well stocked with liquor, but I did find their beer selection to be a bit interesting. They only sell Schalfly Hefeweizen, no Pale Ale…Heineken..and nothing on the tap.


I also didn’t see any bourbon to speak of…

I can easily picture this place going a bit crazy after a Rams game at the dome. It’s just a few blocks away.

This place is definitely worth a look for the bar or for the food. They sell what looked to be about 10 different kinds of burgers and they had some off menu specials written on the wall that, if I weren’t on a mission, I’d have given a try.

So, our next trip out will hopefully be to Ed’s Chili Mac during my leave. We’ll also have another Beer Squared coming up very soon. Also, it looks like we’re going to have widen our slinger search outside of the City Limits. We always said, once we run out of places to go in the City, we’ll move to the county. I know of four more City places…then off the County.

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  2. Ryan aka oregonmon says:

    Flinger is no slinger i’d say. No eggs? Not a slinger, like you mentioned this is more of chili cheese fries.
    Not to be an absolute food snob, but I’d hardly call tomatoes in the middle of winter in the Midwest with white interior “fresh” veggies.
    Anyway thanks for the write up keep em coming.

  3. Eric says:

    Exactly, sounds like chili cheese fries. Are there really only 4 places left in the City of St. Louis to get a slinger??

    • battra13 says:

      There are only four places left that I know: Southtown Pub, Ed’s Chili Mac, Shangri La Diner (Vegan ONLY), and Benton Park Cafe. If there are any other suggestions…I’m listening!

      Honestly..we’re talking about 32 unique slingers though…that’s a lot of them…and we may have about exhausted the city’s slingers….

      • jhfield4 says:

        I’ve had the slinger at Shangri La – it’s actually very good!

      • battra13 says:

        Well I am quite glad to hear that honestly. I’m no vegan or vegetarian..(obviously)…but I don’t have a problem getting vegan/veg food from time to time, and they call it a slinger…and Benton Park is always so nice in the winter…

  4. Mark Groth says:

    Was looking for lunch downtown last week and noticed the Pour House in the Tudor Building on Washington Ave. serves a slinger.

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