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Welly welly welly well.  Welcome to the newest column at the 13 Blog:  Beer Squared.

You may have noticed that I’ve not been to a new dive bar in quite some time.  With quitting smoking, the impending birth of my daughter, and all sorts of other things, I’ve not really wanted to or had the time to go to and enjoy new dive bars.  So, aside from the very odd “On The Road” entry, we’ve only been going out for slingers out from time to time.  Tonight, the wife and I were over at her parents house and my father in law suggested that I expand the beer photo album on my facebook page into a new column.

Alexander Keith's Red Amber Ale

So, we’re going to talk about a couple new beers every so often, but  I suppose I should back up a few years.

When I first went to meet the man who would be come my father in law, my wife told me, bond over beer.  He’s a beer snob like you.  So, we went into their house in Lafayette Square (Beer squared…see?  Also there are two of us.)  So, we go there for lunch, and he asks me if I’d like a beer…well of course I do, but then there’s the kicker, I have to go downstairs and pick it out. Well, I have to say that I was pretty happy to be heading down to a for really real beer fridge.

Belhaven Wee Heavy Ale

So, then we head downstairs to where the beer is.  He opens up the fridge there were about fifteen different kinds of beer in there.  Heineken, Schlafly, Michelob, O’Fallon, and several other beers I’d never heard of.  Well, I grabbed a Schalfly Pale Ale.  It’s about impossible to like beer and not want to enjoy one of those.

He was impressed that I had a bottle opener on my keychain.  So, we began talking about beer.  We went to go watch the St. Louis Perfectos in the park, and he and his wife brought some more beer to enjoy during the base ball match.  Contrary to my dive bar shenanigans and the cheap beer persona that I cultivated at St. Louligan Tailgates… I really love good beer.

Bells Two Hearted Ale

So, in the end, we really did hit it off over beer. Over the years we’ve known each other, we’ve had so many different beers. He’s certainly not a big drinker.  In fact, I’ve only ever seen him drunk once…that was after we went to a beer tasting…we were picked up. What he told me was that he just likes to have a wide variety of beers at his house at all times.  He has this really great talent to always find new beers and get them on the cheap.  After I’d known them for awhile, I was told that I had free access to the beer fridge..that was a good day, let me tell you. So, when we’re going to be there for awhile, I go and check out what he’s got, then I enjoy a beer or two.

O'Fallon Hemp Hop Rye Ale

Every time I’m there, I really never know what’s going to be there. It’s really kind of fun.  Ales, lagers, pilsners, stouts, imperial stouts, porters, English ales…there’s never really any telling what’s going to be there.  So, a goodly chunk of the beers in my beer album on facebook were acquired by walking into the basement at his house.  From time to time, he’ll have a few beers that I just have to try.  Then we have our little mini-beer tastings.  A few weeks back, we enjoyed a few imperial stouts and an agave ale from Cathedral Square Brewing. That has always been something we’ve done together.  During his speech at our wedding, he mentioned, well this blog and our love of good beers…So, now we’ve decided to bring it to the masses.

Rasputin Imperial Stout

So, tonight when he told me that he had some beers I needed to try, he mentioned his idea.  It was a happy coincidence that I was looking to expand the blog because we’re not going to bars anymore.  Considering that my “Beer” album already has about 30 entries after only a couple months, this seemed like a great idea.

So, straight outta Lafayette Square, we’ll be bringing you “Beer Squared.” Each time we get together, we’re going to try a couple of beers and talk about what we think of them. He’s always got quite a few different beers that he hasn’t even tried yet.


Each session we’re going to give two beers a try.  We will be giving up and down on each beer. Taste, color, style, and anything else we can think of.  Each beer will have the bottle and the beer in the glass photographed.  At this point, I have no idea how often we are going to be trying the new beers, but with his never ending supply and selection of beers, I imagine we could do this pretty frequently, but I really don’t know at this point.  I can tell you that we both love beer and trying new beers. It’s my hope that these entries will inform or entertain.  Either one is good for me.  The first entry should be later this week, and before you know it, Fish Frydays will be back!


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