Part 26 Of The Continuing Series, St. Louis’s Perfect Slinger: Jack Patrick’s

Posted: September 27, 2010 in slinger, STL: Downtown
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The place.

So, again and again. We’re off on another slinger adventure.  As what seems to be pretty normal these days, this trip was a comedy of errors.  Meh, whatever man, we had a fun morning.

So, we decided we were heading to the Schlafly Tap Room for the Schalfly Slinger.  We get in, and we sit down at our table, order up a couple beers…hey Johnny Cash had beer with his breakfasts…and we looked over the menu, and we didn’t see any breakfast stuff to speak of….so our waitress comes over and apparently the slinger is at the Bottleworks in Maplewood, or they don’t have it anymore…either way…we were out of luck here.


So, the first place I can think of is Jack Patrick’s.  Besides, we were already downtown anyway.  So, we jumped back into the car and we headed out.

The last time we tried for Jack Patrick’s, we got there a little bit early.  Well this time we were running at about the proper time to get in there and a have a bite to eat, or so I thought.  Monday through Friday, they open at 11 am, but apparently, on Saturdays, they open up at 12pm.  So we spent some time in City Gourmet across the street.  We stared at their beer and thought about how we could get better prices elsewhere.

So eventually we did end up at Jack Patrick’s.  It seemed like we had been out for some time by the time we finally got there.


So, I’d been here a couple times, but I’d never had anything to eat.  I was going in there completely blind in regards to their slinger.  All I could tell you for sure is that the last time I was in Jack Patrick’s, I got a knob creek bourbon on the rocks that was about a quadruple anywhere else for only five bucks.

I definitely had a good experience last time.  Why would I think that this time would be any different?  Well, I’d never had any food there, so we were a bit surprised to see that you have to go to a window to order.  So we did.

And here’s what I got….

The Jack Patrick's Slinger.

Does this look like a slinger to you?  I mean…I could be considered an expert, being as this is my 29th different slinger…but I’m thinking a second opinion might help me out here….

So, we get to the counter and my companion says, there’s no eggs listed on the menu.  I said don’t worry, they’ll be on there.  Don’t ask.  It doesn’t matter, I’m getting it anyway.  So, what does he do?  First words out of his mouth, are there eggs on the slinger?  The guy says no.  ???  OK, I’m pretty shocked at this point.  How in the  hell?

Full meal.

So, let’s break this slinger down.  This is the new system and perhaps the final system of the slinger discussions.

We’ll start at the bottom and work our way to the top.

Potatoes: Well, instead of hash browns, breakfast potatoes, boiled potatoes, or any other sort of potato that I have yet on a slinger yet, Jack Patricks has chosen to use fried potato chips.  Not like Lays, but home made ones.  This is very interesting, but that’s not really the deal, and I have to say, I did not like them.

Eggs: Bun: Apparently, the eggs were MIA, as discussed earlier.  In lieu of eggs, I received the bottom of a hamburger bun.  So, this bun counts as the worst eggs I’ve ever gotten on a slinger.

Meat Patty: I can say this at least, they gave me a hamburger patty, and it was a biggin.

Burger Patty.

You can also see here that there is a bun.  So, I can’t really say that this particular burger was all that great, but unlike the eggs, at least it was part of the “slinger.”

Chili: This was the worst chili I have ever eaten. EVER.

Toppins: For the first time, there was no cheese.  Besides the lack of cheese, I was also looking at fried onion strings.  I have to say that this was by far the best part of the slinger.  Too bad there was nothing else to go along with it.

We had been talking about how we had yet to go to the International Tap House in Soulard…and since the Arsenal match was still going on, and they don’t have Fox Sports Soccer at Jack Patrick’s, we decided to head on down.

Bourbon Imperial Stout.

Because we both were really not enjoying the after effects of the chili…and I really wanted to check out the waning minutes of the impending Arsenal victory, we sat down in a bar we knew would have good beer and English Football on the TV.

So, I have to say, I’ve been wanting to enjoy a sample of this beer for over a year, but I knew full well, that there would be no way I’d be able to finish a bottle by myself.  I was proven quite right by the way.  It’s simply too heavy for me to finish this bottle solo.  Of course, this might be the best beer I have ever had the privilege of drinking.  It was just phenomenal.  Ironically, Arsenal faltered, my interpretation of the Schalfly menu faltered (so in my mind it’s their fault!), and Jack Patrick’s faltered, but because  of this delightful beer, it was a great morning.

See you next time!

  1. Ali says:

    It looks as disgusting as it sounds!

    • battra13 says:

      The only thing I can say for it over the Tiffany Diner slinger, which was the worst burger one till this one, is that at least it wasn’t bland.

  2. […] Eggs: As usual, there was nothing to complain about here.  I still really can’t figure out how anybody could screw up the eggs….wait…. […]

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