Part 25 of The Continuing Series, St. Louis’s Perfect Slinger: The U’s Proper Slinger

Posted: September 20, 2010 in diner, slinger, STL: Midtown
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I see that we meet again.

Alrighty then! So, I’m really stupid late on this particular post.  For that I apologize greatly, but better late than never.  Also, we’re going to use stock photos from the first visit to The U when I got their slinger burger.

So let’s get down to it I suppose.  This weekend, we were going to be doing a lot of stuff around the house, and then I was headed to a soccer game.  I think what ended up happening was I got upset about something, and my wife being the wonderful woman that she is, decided to say; let’s got get breakfast, do you want a slinger?  Well, in this day and age of the slinger hunt, I kind of need to plan ahead.  If you just spring it on me I don’t know where to go! So, I blurted out, The U.

We actually sat here this time.

So, a year or so ago, I had a really bad experience at The U and I swore I’d never go back, but then they started with breakfast and they’re in the City, and pretty close to my house Robert R Hermann Stadium, home of the Bills.  So, they had a slinger and I had to go.

When I went back, things were really a lot better and I enjoyed my visit and my food.  All of the problems I had with them the first time were now long gone and I couldn’t be happier really.  I really want all of our locally owned City establishments to succeed…especially if they have a good slinger.

So, the last time we went for a slinger at The U, it turned out that we arrived too late for breakfast and got a slinger burger, as opposed to a proper slinger. (It was still pretty damned good though!)  I thought that perhaps their slinger could be REALLY good.  This time I verified slinger time.  Was it?  Let’s dig in.


I think, by now, everybody who reads this silly blog has an idea of what I’m looking for on my slinger.  I’m pretty much against changing the potatoes from the tried and true fried hash browns.  The U however, doesn’t share my belief on this topic.

I’m also very pro-burger patty instead of sausage patty.  Thankfully, The U not only supports this particular notion, but they really do it right.  Instead of just a frozen patty cooked and thrown onto the slinger, like some places, they use a REALLY high quality burger…but we’ll get to all of this.

Let’s look at this slinger.

Oh hell yes.

Let’s start at the bottom and work our way up.

Potatoes: In lieu of hash browns, they’re serving breakfast potatoes.  I don’t know why some places change up the  hash browns, but as far as places that don’t use the standard ingredient, it was pretty hard to complain about these.  They were very good.

Meat Patty: As I’d mentioned previously, they use their normal burger patty on the slinger.  Many times the slinger is a neglected little item on the menu for places and they don’t put a whole lot of work into the ingredients.  They just huck them all together.  Here at the The U, they really do the burger patty up right.  A good meat patty really will go a long way on your slinger.

Chili: Here is a bit where they falter.  Don’t misunderstand, this chili wasn’t

Money shot.

bad, but it was just about average.  It wasn’t spicy.  There was no wow to it.  It was just ok.

Eggs: If you screw up the eggs well….You must have not put them there.  So of course, they were there and very nicely cooked.  Nice and fluffy.

Toppings: Ok, now did you see all of those onions?  This is one of the first times that the owner of the place I was going to knew ahead of time that I’d be there, and I also know for a fact that he reads this blog.  So, I think when he saw the dip with the camera, he realized.  Now here’s my conspiracy theory.  He sees me and goes…ONIONS! HE LOVES ONIONS! LOAD IT UP!  Because, I’m going to say what I’ve never said about anything:

Wall o'shirts.

There were too many onions.

I know! I’m shocked too, but here we are and that’s the fact.  There was a bit too little cheese, but nothing the onions didn’t cover up.  Nothing fancy like jalapenos or anything, but your standard cheese and onions.

Sum Up: I would put this slinger in the upper third of all of those I’ve had, and that number’s getting pretty big now.  So I think that’s a pretty good honor.   However, I’d call this an everyman slinger.  It’s not very greasy, the ingredients are well prepared and seasoned.  It’s not the scary slinger of The Buttery Restaurant or Eat Right, but a nicely done slinger that I’m pretty sure my wife would even eat.  It’s not perfect, but enjoyable for everyone.

See you next week with our review of the Jack Patricks Slinger.

  1. Ryan Stolcis says:

    Love your blog. Not always in agreemnt but thats what make slingers what they are. Saw the following link about what I would call a Hawaiian slinger. Thought you might be interested.

    • battra13 says:

      Thanks for the kind words! People won’t always agree with what I think, and that’s fine. I hate sunny side up eggs, and some folks love them…so I’ll always be at an impasse with them.

      Thanks for the link!

  2. olive says:

    i find your site while searching on blogsearch. thank you for the information. best regards

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