Part 24 of the Continuing Series, St. Louis’s Perfect Slinger: Tiffany’s Diner

Posted: August 30, 2010 in diner, slinger
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Here we are.

Good morning! Welcome back to the show that never ends, but does seem to take long breaks these days.  Sorry!! Well, I have some good reasons…most of which being that my life is changing and getting far more hectic far more quickly than I expected.  I’m also hard at work on the Floodplain Footy, and school and home stuff of course, however, do you really care all the goofy stuff?

Probably not, so without further preamble, let’s get to the next preamble. So, whenever I ask anyone about where to get a slinger at a dinery/divey place in St. Louis City, someone always returns with: Tiffany Diner in Maplewood, because, Nik/Bat/13 it’s just RIGHT outside the City you can count it as the City.

The inside of Tiffany Diner.

So, I couldn’t decide precisely where to go this week. I told my friend, who was paying, to pick a place in St. Louis Hills or Holly Hills.  She didn’t understand how to do this.  So after arguing in the car for awhile.  We tried the Royale, no slinger, no dice.  So, then we turned left on Arsenal. That morning, I watched my Arsenal beat the Blackburn Rovers…so I wanted a slinger along Arsenal.  So, we ended up outside of the City and nowhere to go.  So I said OK, FINE, we’re going to Tiffany Diner.  I then decided that this experience would be the be all end all of St. Louis County slingers.

OK. Everybody, I went outside the city limits and ate a slinger.  It’s officially happened.

So, we sat down at the bar.  What I liked about this place right away is that there are no tables.  Just a counter.  This is definitely a for really real diner, not like 12th St Diner or City Diner.  I liked that.  So, after we sat down we looked up and saw the menu.

Tobey and Ying and Yang huh?

People have told me about the Tobey and Ying and Yang, and after having 24 different slingers, and 2 slinger burgers, I’d never seen these.  The slinger wikipedia page has them listed though. So now I know where to get them.  I’m glad to see the slinger on the top rung of the menu.  That means it has to be good right?

We sat at the counter for what seemed like a very long time before the lady came and got us drinks.  The man working then came and took our orders.   Then I sat about enjoying the populace there.  The guy working the grill spent about 10 minutes making sure that the Little League World series was playing properly on the TV…kind of annoying…since I did want my food.  The lady working the counter didn’t seem to do anything besides ask him questions and sit back down…I never did get my soda refilled.

The grill.

So, when they finally took our order: Slinger. Eggs? Scrambled. Meat? Burger. Cheese? Yes. It comes with potatoes, do you want them? Yes.

So, I then started watching the cooking.  The guy working the grill seemed to work pretty slow, so I got a very good idea of what he was doing and how he was doing it.  I watched him cook hash browns, burgers, grilled cheese sandwiches, French toast, and damned near anything else a diner would serve.  The chili and gravy were kept in heated tubs to the left of the grill.  I didn’t see this man move the hash browns.  I didn’t see this man season a single thing on his grill etc.

My slinger being cooked.

Now, I watched him cook and assemble my slinger.

I saw the frozen burger patty come out of the freezer.  I saw him pull frozen hash browns out of a jug and chop them up  on the grill. (Then he only flipped them over.)  I watched him scramble my eggs.  I saw him take chili out of the heated container.  I wasn’t really very excited to eat this, if I’m being honest.  The Buttery Restaurant makes great tasting burgers with frozen patties…so I was hopeful.

The Tiffany Diner Slinger.

So, here we have it. Let’s talk about it.

I dug into my slinger hoping for the best, but honestly, I got the worst.  I got a burger patty on american cheese, with scrambled eggs over hash browns.

The Good: The cheese was melted. The eggs were light and fluffy.

The Bad: The burger was bland.  The chili was bland.  The hash browns were cold, undercooked and soggy.  Nothing was seasoned in any way, save the hot sauce I put on it.

This was the worst burger slinger I’ve ever had.  Really, this is by far one of the worst slingers I’ve ever had.  I can really only think of three that are even close to it…12th St Diner, City Diner, and Billie’s Diner.

Ok, so I went to the county and gave Tiffany’s a go…

It was terrible.

Also, if you think I’m being anti-county, I asked my companion who lives in the county what she thought…she said: bland.

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  2. Michael says:

    That’s unfortunate. A couple decades ago (Tiffany’s -> Choi’s -> Morgan’s) they had a very good Slinger. I was a regular. Things do change, especially when ownership changes.

    • battra13 says:

      Now I don’t have to go to the County anymore. I tried…the City makes t hem better. ^_-v

      • Michael says:

        Several years ago some friends and I went to Columbia for a Mizzou football game. After the game and a few beverages, we decided we needed slingers. We found a diner (or apparent diner) that was still open and looked (and even inquired) for a slinger. None was to be found and they had no idea what we were talking about.

        So we each ordered eggs, hash browns, meat (bacon for me – don’t recall what the others ordered) and a bowl of chili. When the food was delivered, in unison without the need to say anything, we each poured our bowls of chili over the eggs, potatoes and meat. The waiter looked at us dumbfounded.

        It wasn’t the best slinger, but when the desire arises, sometimes a little improvisation is called for.

      • battra13 says:

        OK, that is totally awesome. I’ve actually done that as well…when this goofy blog first started…the first slinger ‘reviewed’ was a spare parts slinger.

  3. Billy Ballsack says:

    Figures. Slinger Snob strikes again.

  4. Billy Ballsack says:

    Obsess much?

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  6. Wig says:

    It’s odd, I find one of your favorite slingers (Courtesy), and one of your least favorites (Tiffany’s) to both be good in their own way. The chili at Tiffany’s is a mixture of canned chili con carne and Brooks beans, based on what I can remember the waitress telling me. You can see the cans sitting in the back (on the way to the bathroom). Love your blog!

    • battra13 says:

      Thank you for your kind words, always appreciated!!

      As for Tiffany vs Courtesy…I’m sorry, but there’s frankly no comparison for me. Within the last 60 days I’ve had one of each. Courtesy (Kingsighway Location) gave me cheddar cheese, onions, and jalapenos.

      Tiffany Diner…gave me nothing…It really just tasted blah. Just so bland.

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