Part 20 of the Continuing Series, St. Louis’s Perfect Slinger: Soulard Coffee Garden & Cafe

Posted: June 7, 2010 in slinger, STL: Soulard
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Found it.

Hello again.  As any of my facebook friends, twitter followers, or blog readers will tell you, I’m always on the look out for new slingers.  It’s getting harder and harder to find them in new places, so on the advice of my friend Jess Luther, on Memorial Day I found myself at The Soulard Coffee Garden & Cafe.  We can all guess that this place is in the Soulard Neighborhood I’m sure.  This is my fifth trip to our little version of the French Quarter in St. Louis.  I used to while away many nights in Soulard in my younger years, but now that I’m old, I stay closer to home I suppose.  What makes a Soulard slinger genius is that if I lived there, I’d probably be hungover pretty frequently, and could just saunter down the street to the local place that has them.


One of the things that’s very unique to Soulard, aside from the Farmer’s Market, is that bars and restaurants share the same blocks as the houses and apartments there.  So, I don’t see anything wrong,with rolling out of bed, and going to get a slinger.  Personally…that would break me rather quickly.  So I’ll stick in my quiet South City Neighborhood, but there is always something happening in Soulard.  As we got inside, we were told to sit wherever we’d like, and as the downstairs seemed to be a bit packed, we ended up heading upstairs instead.  There we found a nice table in a corner where I could keep any on the comings and goings of the Soulard Coffee Garden, which I liked, as it was my first time going there.


The upstairs and the down basically looked the same to me, save the deli bar and signs.  We went on Memorial Day and there was quite a crowd going.  I think they were a bit understaffed that morning if I’m being honest.  It did take some time before getting helped, but once we did things started to move pretty quickly and our server, Mike, was very attentive and made sure we were well taken care of.  Even though I’m a real creature of habit, I really enjoy going to new places, because I always wonder about the people I see, and this is the same for when I’m going on trips as well.  Are these people regulars? What do they do? But I don’t think anybody wants to hear me wax poetic about the patrons…Let’s see the slinger!

The Mountain of Food.

On the menu, they simply call this: “The Slinger.” It then goes on to say:

“A mountain of food.  Home fries, sausage patties, two eggs, garden made beefy chili, diced onion and cheddar cheese.”

Well, I can only tell you that everything they said in those two lines is very, extremely true.   This thing was absolutely ginormous.  I don’t know how else to describe it.  It’s really beginning to seem like the majority of places that serve slingers are in competition to make the biggest one!


They make the claim of home made, beefy chili. Well, considering Hammerstone’s chili, I was skeptical. What blew me away where the chunks of stew beef in the chili.  This really took me aback.

On top of that, the cheddar cheese they listed wasn’t the normal shredded stuff, but strips of real cheddar cheese.  They clearly didn’t skimp on the ingredients when they put these bad dogs together.  There were some problems along the way as well, which pains me to say….just looking at this thing…I really wanted it to be perfect…but I knew it wasn’t.

The side of the mountain.

Ok, take a look at this close up shot of the side.  Those aren’t hash browns, but breakfast potatoes.  I’ve said it time and time again, please use hash browns, not some other sort of potato.  It just doesn’t work as well to do it this way.  On top of that, the chili wasn’t as hearty or as zesty as it should have been. On top of all of that, I have to say that again, this was a slinger classed up.  When


going to nicer places to get a slinger, I suppose I have to expect to get classed up slingers from time to time.  That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy them anyway.  Even this one, with its wrong potatoes, and sausage patties.  Not my favorite, but it’s surely not the worst slinger I’ve ever had.  I’d suggest getting a bloody mary to go with this slinger if ya get it.  Why not?  Might as well have a little booze to go with it, and then you’re getting all the food groups!  Just remember going in, this slinger’s got no grease to it.  It reminded me a lot of the Three Monkeys’s Slinger, even down to breakfast potatoes, and it was surely better.

Next Up will be a dual blog post between here and at my soccer blog, The Floodplain Footy, The Tin Can World Cup Slinger!

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  1. Mark Groth says:

    Hey, have you gone to the Chili Mac Diner at 3523 N. Broadway in the Near North Riverfront neighborhood? This place looks legit, and I hope to stop in this weekend for a slinger. This blog is great!

    • battra13 says:

      Hey thanks. I have not. They’re only open M-F 6-2pm….so it’s been hard to get out there for one. Although, I have a time this week…see if I can make it…

      • Eric says:

        I’d like to see a review of Chili Mac if you’ve ever got the time — I’m always curious about those little seemingly chili-oriented diners along north and south Broadway…

      • battra13 says:

        Eric, I will definitely be getting there in the VERY near future. When my daughter is born, I’ll have time off of work and my FIL and I will be going.

  2. christine says:

    Hey, keep an eye out for a small diner up for lease. We are looking to open a small place, that just does breakfast and lunch. I know you are on the move, so maybe you will see something before me. Then I will serve you the perfect slinger! lol

    your friends at riverside

    • battra13 says:

      There was a place in the Patch…used to be called Southside Diner that might be available and Stella Blues in Tower Grove South is empty.

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  4. […] learned that chili is really the make or break ingredient on slingers/flingers/etc. Hammerstones, Soulard Coffee Garden, etc have made good slingers without the normal ingredients because of their awesome chili and […]

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