Part 19 of the Continuing Series, St. Louis’s Perfect Slinger: Pam’s Chicago Style Dogs & More

Posted: June 1, 2010 in slinger, STL: Skinker DaBaliviere
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Everything about this is wrong.

Here we go again on another outing for another slinger in another St. Louis City restaurant.  This time Dame Fortune finds us at Pam’s Chicago Style Dogs & More.   Now, let’s think about this for just a minute…really what am I doing at this place?  About a month or so ago, I learned that Pam’s served breakfast, which led me to my next question, which led me to the answer.  Yes they serve slingers.  It’s on the menu.  So, there’s no problem there right?  They have it.  I’ll order it, and then I’ll blog about it. However, this is a Chicago Restaurant…is it all that different from going to Giordannos and getting a slinger?  I suppose we’ll find out, but this is a City Pride blog…going to a Chicago Style Eatery still feels weird.

So, this past weekend, my wife and I decided to get some breakfast before a trip to Soulard Farmers Market, and the Science Center….

The dining room.

Now, this place is just a little shop.  They don’t even have public restrooms, but do they have a good slinger?

Well Pam’s does have a very extensive menu from all sorts of hot dogs, to breakfast, to even desserts.  They even have a slinger dog.  This was apparently inspired by the St. Louis Police Department.  I couldn’t help but notice on their dessert menu, the Balls of Glory.  Deep fried cookie dough balls.  There was also a sign for a chocolate dipped cheese cake on a stick…damn my hypoglycemia!  Well, I guess that’s why slingers do it for me ya know…I don’t have to worry about my blood sugar going all crazy from the syrup and such.  Let me again reiterate however…this place is a hot dog joint selling Chicago style hotdogs.  I was a bit creeped out eating a slinger near Chicago Cubs and Bulls posters and such.

City're doing it wrong.

Oh well.  I suppose I should rejoice in the fact that they’re choosing to acclimate to the St. Louis Breakfast/Hangover/Drinking culture.  Even if I felt like I was in enemy territory.

The kitchen.

So, we ordered our food.  Now, here’s where we’ll get down to business.  Their slinger was put forward as sausage, a fried egg, hash browns, and chili.

Well, there’s no cheese and no onions.  However, many times I’ve seen these things not listed on the menu and I’ve still gotten quite  a good slinger with both of those required ingredients on the slinger after all. So I was still holding out hope.

The man at the counter chatted us up while we waited and asked us about how we’d heard of the place.  He had taken over the marketing and just wondered.  I honestly couldn’t remember how I’d found about about them.  I was very happy when I did that they were inside the city limits, though just barely.  (This is the closest I’ve come to a County Slinger yet!)  They’re apparently advertising on the Woody and Rizzuto Show on 105.7 The Point nowadays.

So now let’s get down to it!

My precious.... it is. A slinger at a hot dog place inspired by Chicago.  I never thought I’d live to see the day.  So, first and foremost, they serve theirs with a sunny side up egg, so that’s how I got it.  I was hoping, but there were neither cheese nor onions on this slinger.  This usually gets me a bit upset, but here we are.

What's under there?

I will say, there were hash browns and not breakfast potatoes, not boiled potatoes, not french fries, and not some other potato thing.  I really wish everybody would just make hash browns and call it a day.  Nothing else is right and nothing else tastes as good to me.  These were also very, very greasy and there was a very unique flavor to them…they tasted almost sweet.  Really couldn’t put my finger on them to tell you the truth.  There was something quite unusual and very enjoyable about them.

The sausage patty was lackluster, but better than what was on a certain other slinger. What I really didn’t like, aside from the obvious missteps was the sunny side up egg.  I’ve had a back and forth with person on the internet who continually tells me that I need to rock the sunny side up eggs, but ever since I was a young boy, I’ve  just never liked them.  Never ever, ever since I was a small boy, I  hated the runny yolks.

The Chicago Style wall again.

I’m a bit sad to say that the chili was a bit lackluster.  This was a very interesting slinger because for the first time, the hash browns were the main flavor.  However, these particular hash browns were spectacular.  With a bit stronger chili, a better sausage patty, some cheese and onions this could be one of the better sausage slingers in the City, however it’s still very, very good and it’s in the running to be a sling up location in the future.  I will definitely be back in the near future to try out their slinger dog.  This has me a little bit more than intrigued.  Until then, good on ya Pam’s!  The search however, still continues!!

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  1. Allen McDonnell says:

    Love the blog. I have commented such on P-D’s website with my name MACDIDIMAU. I can’t believe some of the sorry assed slingers that you have encountered. My feeling is if you can’t make it right, don’t make it. Who looks for a Slinger in a hot-dog joint?

    I live in NoCo so I can’t get to Eat Rite or other good slinger places so I make my own and I use Edmond’s Chili, fresh hash browns, good breakfast sausage patties, a couple eggs over easy, and plenty of cheese and onions.

    I also make my own S.O.S. which I love. Gotta taste for in when I was in the Army. My secret ingredient in the S.O.S. is a couple tablespoons of Dry Sherry. Dang i’m getting hungry and I just ate lunch

    • battra13 says:

      Hey thanks! Ya know..ya find what you find. Sometimes I can get a bit jaded, but hey when you’ve had 22 of these things, including slinger burgers, you can get that way.

      Thanks for reading!! I just love going out and doing them. I’m working on staying current again, kinda fell out of the loop.

  2. myraclehof says:

    I helped organize and played in 2 baseball games to set the Guinness World Record for the longest game ever played. Both for charity the first one for Gene Slay’s Boys Club in Soulard and the second for Cardinal Glennon. One of the things we needed to put on these events was to get the players, umps, and volunteers fed. Both games Pam’s stepped up and took care of us while asking for nothing in return. They just wanted to help out and for us to try their dogs. So not only does Pam’s have great dogs …. and they do. They care about their community. They are just the type of place I hope everyone gives a try. If you do, it’ll be the dogs that brings you back again and again. Thanks again Pam’s from the Guiness World Record holders for the Longest Baseball game ever played (48 hours)

    • battra13 says:

      I love that story! This part of why I do this blog. To help City restaurants get a little extra publicity. Anytime I’m at the Loop and a bit peckish, I’m going to stop in at Pam’s and get a dog. I still have to get and review their slinger dog anyway.

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