Part 18 of the Continuing Series, St. Louis’s Perfect Slinger: The Goody Goody Diner

Posted: May 19, 2010 in diner, slinger, STL: Penrose
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We made it!

Here we go again! Off on another slinger trip.  As seeming regular now, this trip for the next great slinger in St. Louis City started off with failures.  First we headed downtown to the Missouri Grille…fail…they weren’t open yet.

Then off to Jack Patrick’s. weren’t open yet either.  So, we turned the car and headed to North St. Louis City and the Penrose Neighborhood to try again at the Goody Goody Diner.  See, the problem this time was that we left too early.  Normally, we leave too late.  The wives were working on the Garage Sale, and we went out for slingers instead.  (I did help quite a bit pre-sale and post slinger. Hell I could write a whole entry on just carrying stuff to the car!) However…none of this has anything to do with the Wilbur.

Why do I always take this photo?

So, a couple things real quick. This is the first trek to North St. Louis for a Slinger.  Also, it was hard to find the door for the Goody Goody.  It’s not in the right place for my liking.

Well, we seemed to have gotten there at the proper time. Especially since they’re only open till 2pm, but there was a big line of carry out orders waiting when we arrived, but we got to sit down straight away.  The place was actually buzzing and humming at 9:30am.  We sat down at the table, and I began taking in my surroundings.  This place had a very diverse clientele as well as a very diverse menu.  In fact, this is the only place in the St. Louis Metro that I’m sure sells chicken and waffles.  I really liked the guy with the three foot dreadlocks that had been grey for years.  I always wished I could grow dreads.

Pink hair on the employees is always cool.

Even the workers were allowed to express themselves in the way they wanted.  One server had pink hair and another had twists.  I overheard her telling one of her customers that she might turn them into dreads, but hadn’t decided.  The owners were also there, running around glad handing everybody, but us.  Apparently I wasn’t good enough for that.  I guess I’ll just settle on telling everybody on the internets about my slinger instead of him eh.  So, I guess we should be leading up that that eh?

So, as I always do, I began perusing the menu.  I knew that they didn’t have a proper slinger, but the “Wilbur Omelette.”  I was still hoping and asked our server. She explained to me that they didn’t have a proper slinger.  That was Eat Rite’s thing she said.


The legendary Goody Goody's menu.

Umm…actually it’s O.T. Hodge’s thing, we think, and everybody sells a slinger.  This is the only place with the word “diner” in it that doesn’t serve a proper slinger.  So, undaunted, I order my Wilbur.  I looked through the ingredients listed, and honestly, I had done this before on their online menu, and this was part of why I wasn’t terribly excited to come check this place out.  I’m all about the properness of the slinger.  It’s perfection in St. Louis lore, etc.  Well, they didn’t have a real one.  I even considered not making this a part of the series like I did with The U and Sub Zero, as this was a slinger omelette.

So, let’s get a look at this thing.

The Wilbur.

Now, it came with pancakes if you asked for them.  So I did.

Now this thing was as an omelette stuffed with peppers, onions, and what they called hashbrowns, but what really amounted to be breakfast potatoes.  Then covered in chili and cheese.  The Wilbur comes with two sides.  I got a side of “hashbrowns” and pancakes.  Also, henceforth their  hashbrowns will be called breakfast potatoes.  Because that’s what they are!

Money shot.

As you can see, this thing is stuffed to the gills with veggies, but there’s no meat to go with this and there are surely too many eggs involved.  I do like my slingers to come with scrambled eggs, but not three of them.

There were plenty of onions this go round.  I really cannot complain there.  I will say for the Wilbur, this thing was absolutely huge.  More and more often I’m finding my slingers to be more than enough food for two people.  I suppose that’s why I’m only eating all of the ones that are the absolute best of the best.  The others, just a nibble and about half of it.  This one though…it was just missing something.  It was missing meat patties.  That’s part of the slinger.  On top of that, I couldn’t mix it all together and get the great slinger mashup that I always do.

Close up shot.

Also, there just wasn’t enough chili on here.  I mean, you need these things swimming in chili.  That and the patties are what make the slinger worth having and being something.  Otherwise, it’s just some reject thinger right.  I also really didn’t think there was enough chili on here.  The Hammerstones slinger essentially didn’t have any meat patties, but the chili was so meaty and doled out so generously, I almost forgot.  This one didn’t have that going for it.

The expanded section.

The Goody Goody Diner, in a way reminds me of City Diner in the fact that they were little hole in the wall diners in their previous lives but have grown into bigger, but not necessarily better things.  Goody Goody revels in their being a diner.  Including Goody Goody Diner merchandise, being listed on MSN’s top 50 Diners, etc.  It felt like the tourist destination they want it to be.  I think I just prefer little greasy spoons.  As always, I enjoyed my trip somewhere new and had a good time.  I just wish they’d at least throw some sausage on that thing.  As always, the search continues.

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  1. filjr says:

    stopped by goody goody on our way through st. louis and had a great time…the atmosphere was just as satisfying as the food (if not more so)! hope you found the perfect slinger and if you have the time, i’d love to get more recommendations on the local st. louis restaurant scene. seems like there’s tons of hidden spots out there.


    • battra13 says:

      I think I would like the Goody Goody Diner for anything that’s not a slinger a lot more than I did. I’m just picky with my slingers is all. I can tell ya that Goody Goody is the only place in St. Louis that sells Chicken and Waffles, and they looked goooood.

      All you have to tell me is what type of food you want and I can give my recommendation.

      • Mark Groth says:

        There are many, many places in St. Louis that have chicken and waffles. Mostly on the north side, but they are all over. Sarah’s is one of the more popular places at 2825 Sarah Avenue.

      • The 13 Blog says:

        I don’t think I could really ever be down with chicken and waffles…I dunno…maybe one day?

        That was just the first time I’d ever seen it on a menu and there were lots of people enjoying them when I was there.

  2. […] taken the slinger, made a couple subtractions and one addition and made a flinger. Just like the Wilbur and the Jack Patrick’s slinger it’s missing some key components, but I will still rate […]

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