Sling Up #1: Riverside Cafe

Posted: May 12, 2010 in Sling Up, slinger, STL: Carondelet
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Now you know where we went.

So, I know you’ve seen this photo before, so let me explain.  This is the newest series on the the 13 Blog.  The Sling Up!  Every three months or so, I’m going to do this.  I’m going to get together a few folks who like slingers, and take them to a place that I thought prepared a wonderful slinger.

For this particular event, I went back to the Riverside Cafe for their slinger.  I brought my old friend Jamie, Phil Novara,  Heather, and Dave.  Since I know a few of them from Twitter and I had to name this silly thing, we’re going with “sling up” as though this was a tweet up.

The beer that made Milwaukee famous.

Now, either these get togethers are extreme arrogance or extreme self deprecation. I’m not sure which.  It’s either basking in the glow of people who read me, or giving you their opinions of the slingers I told you about already.

Not sure which.  Another nice little thing is being able to go back and enjoy a slinger I’d had earlier.  I decided to use the opinions of my companions to detail the slinger here since You already know what I think of this slinger. So, I’m not going to bore you too much with my thoughts.

This time I did specifically ask for onions to go with.  I wanted them raw and I got them that way.  They were unchopped though, but what the hell right?  Being that this was my favorite-ish slinger so far, I wanted to share it.  I think it’s got a great burger patty, a very strong and hearty chili, and all that jazz right.

So, here’s what they thought:

Heather and Phil.


Service was a little slow, but the slinger was pretty good.  I had what I think of as the “alternate slinger,” since I chose my eggs sunny-side up, while scrambled seemed to be the universal slinger choice.  The eggs were cooked just how sunny-side up eggs should be, completely opaque whites and yolks that turn super runny the second you stick a fork in them.  The hash browns were cooked to “just-right” levels – Not underdone and not burned to a crisp.  The meat patties seemed fine to me too.  The chili was the right consistency, not too runny, not so thick as to cease to be chili.  My only major complaint with the slinger, really, was that it needed more onion.  I even had some extra onion, since one of the people present had ordered extra onions on the side and there were plenty to go around for anyone who wanted some extra onion, and it was really still not enough. Plus, the extra onion wasn’t cooked in.  More onion in the cooking process would make this a better slinger.



So, as far as Slingers go…I pretty much rep Courtesy Diner.  Multiple reasons:

  1. Because it freaking rocks.
  2. Close to home
  3. It freaking rocks my face off

With that being said, The River City Slinger was actually comparable.  The size of the beef patty was what I first noticed.  This this was monstrous.  Kinda made me nervous for a second, but then I switched into domination mode.  I wasn’t a fan of the melted slices of cheese.  I prefer shredded cheddar…but the hash-browns where tasty.  Next, adding onion rings vs chopped onions made it hard to get a bite of onion each time, that part sucked.  The chili, which I was informed is the defining ingredient, was only so-so.  Actually the more I think about it, I didn’t really fall in love with this Slinger.  I was just freaking starving by the time we got it!

The proper Riverside Cafe Slinger.


I’ve always thought of slingers as the last bad decision after a night of hard drinking.  It’s the last kick in the teeth to make you finally end your night and pass out.  I’ve never had one in broad daylight and I’ve never had to be awake for the hours of slinger burps that follow consumption.  I don’t have a clear baseline for what makes a good slinger since I’m not a regular slinger eater and chili is not something I’ve ever been a super big fan of.  I don’t mind chili, but it’s not something I ever crave.  I did like my slinger from Riverside Cafe, though.  Nothing was out of place, everything tasted as it should, and it was in a giant pile on my plate.

Om nom nom.

Jamie (who had to be edited due to his extreme wordiness):

First the short: in a word it was delicious. I give it an 8 out of 10. (Note: Jamie chose to give a numerical ranking, I think to spite me for not giving them myself.)

The first thing that struck me as that the chili was what really good. Not wow amazing, but very satisfying. This was the kind of chili you could sit down and eat and eat and eat until you were full and be really satisfied the whole way through the meal. Here’s the thing, I doubt when using it as part of harmony of flavors you want the chili much different than this.

I had scrambled eggs on the slinger and I think the eggs are not quite in the same boat as the chili.
The cheese was there but to be honest it didn’t stick out at me enough to even really notice. I think it might have been processed cheese which is fine. I think maybe (just maybe) this would have been a real place for improvement. Maybe using some cheese with a stronger flavor or maybe a bit more of it?

The hash browns (sitting on the bottom there) are really struggling to make themselves known.They had some flavor but they helped round out the texture more and add some distance between the ingredients. I should mention I’m not a fan of hashbrowns normally but here they worked really well. maybe there could have been a tad bit more of them. and maybe a tad more flavor from them, but otherwise I’m struggling to find something wrong with the role they played.

Finally the hamburger. I saved it to the last cause you could very well eat this dish and not expect there to be a hamburger in the middle.  I can see why some people use sausage as a hamburgers flavor profile is much smaller than sausges but I think I it doesnt need any thing that strong in the center. in fact other than maybe a bit more seasoning on the burger (to make it stand out a hair more from the chili) I wouldn’t change a thing there. I might (for a change) try a different hamburger meat in the middle. that is make it out of lamb or deer or something, but you know that wouldn’t make it a “normal” slinger.

So, this is what my friends thought of the Riverside Cafe Slinger.

Have you given them a try yet?

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  1. Karin says:

    To make Heather feel less odd: I also like my slinger eggs to be Sunny Side Up or Over Easy – runny yolk + hash browns is a winning combo so I’m weird too. Also, I can’t believe I haven’t run into Phil at 2 am at Courtesy Diner yet. I run into him everywhere now and we frequent that place all the time.

  2. battra13 says:

    I’ve been educated to the fact that slingers should have eggs that are sunny side up, but I just don’t like my eggs prepared that way, so I get them scrambled.

    I still can’t believe you didn’t show up! (Next one’s in July.)

  3. Steve R says:

    Where is this place? Also, battra when are you going to do a post dedicated to the Slinger Champion? And, I think there should be a trophy and/or certificate that you actually present to the winner.

    • battra13 says:

      Riverside Cafe is in Carondelet St. Louis. It’s on Ivory at Michigan next to the Ivory Theater and in the vicinity of the Iron Barley.

      I’m not looking for the best slinger, but the perfect one.

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