Part 15 of the Continuing Series, St. Louis’s Perfect Slinger: City Diner

Posted: April 12, 2010 in diner, slinger, STL: Tower Grove East
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A couple of weeks back, after my wife and I had been out to a fish fry at St. Pius, we had gone out and were having a nice time, she says to me, are you hungry?  Well, I wasn’t starving but I surely could eat.  So she wants to know if I’d like to go get a slinger.  We then had a brief discussion about going right then, or going in the morning.  Was it going to be Hammerstones or City Diner?  At Diner, I could get the slinger right then, if Hammerstones, it’d have to be the next morning, and we’d have had to get up early!

So I chose The City Diner on South Grand Ave.

We used to eat there once or twice a week, but after time we started branching out and moving into new places and didn’t make it back to our diner so much anymore.  That’s too bad, because it was kind of a special place for us. A close friend of the family even has three or four of his paintings on the walls there.  The Elvis, the Marylin, and the Frankenstein are all Demetrie’s.  There’s also a picture of Marylin coming out of the pool on the roof. Seeing those always makes us think of him.

Apparently,  back in the way back, City Diner was known as South City Diner, and it was an honest to goodness diner.  Nowadays, they are very much like The 12th Street Diner.  However, let’s not forget that City Diner in Tower Grove East was first, and at one time, was a diner.

The City Diner has a very hip look and feel to the place.  There are all kinds of 50’s through 70’s movie posters, paintings, and just all sorts of retro memorabilia.    My favorite of all of this are the photos of older celebrities smoking to denote the smoking section of the restaurant in the back.

They also, unlike most diners, have a fully stocked bar and a happy hour each day.  Most places you just eat your burger at the bar, here you can wash down your whatever with a rum and coke, or a PBR in a can.  It’s your life, live it how you want.  Personally, I’ve never imbibed in this particular restaurant.  We typically drink at bars and eat at restaurants, and never the twain shall meet, but I’ve had many  a meal in this establishment.

I’m also pleased to announce that the City Diner also has The Saint Louis City Edition for consumption there.  Make sure you pick a copy or six up and give them to your friends.

On a side note, as a blogger, it’s still a bit mind blowing that I’m print now.  We’d picked this one up and discovered it was the new one.  Score!  My wife then did the Sudoku and we tag teamed the crossword puzzle.

So, we took a look at the menu. As usual, this was a mere formality for me, but I always like to know what I’m ordering, at least what’s in it.

The City Diner Slinger consists of:
2 Eggs
2 Sausage discs
Hash browns
Cheddar Cheese

Well, this is pretty bare bones is it not?   I was really hoping for some onions on it.  Oh well, now I have had their slinger in the past, but it was a very long time ago, after a very long night of drinking.  I think we rolled into the diner at about 3:00am on a Saturday night…so I really didn’t remember it.  I do remember the The 12th Street Diner Slinger though, and I was hoping this one would be better.  Well, let’s get right down to it!

Unsurprisingly, it also comes with toast.  I chose wheat toast, because my wife wanted to enjoy extra toast.

Let’s get a good look at this one.  The chili is a color that I’m pretty sure is not found in nature, but look at that pile of cheddar cheese.  There’s nothing to complain about with that cheese.

Also, their having Tabasco sauce on the table made me quite happy.  It would have to be my favorite table sauce now. It’s not the best, but it goes well with chili and beef. This was also a very goodly sized slinger, certainly not the biggest yet, but no one should go hungry after getting theirs.

At this point in the review, we have gone through everything about the slinger that’s complimentary.

I was under the impression that there were no onions on the slinger, but as I was eating it, I found there were sauteed onions in the cold and undercooked hash browns.  Unfortunately, they were burned and flavorless.

The chili was quite thin and it tasted like pasta sauce with beans and meat.  They seemed to have forgotten the chili powder.  I felt also that there were far more beans than meat.  When one considers the sausage patties involved here, the more meat the better.

The sausage patties were frozen and just not pleasing.  I think the slinger would have done better without them entirely.  The biggest problem with the sausage is that it was the most overpowering flavor of the slinger.

The City Diner is always a fun place to stop and have a milkshake, beer, or breakfast.  In fact, my wife loves their Eggs Benedict and always gets them.  I just cannot recommend their slinger when just a short trip down Grand Ave to The Buttery Restaurant yields a far superior and far cheaper slinger.

Next up: Hammerstones Slinger.

  1. The City Diner slinger is why I don't like sausage based slingers. It's just too much and well, the overpowering taste isn't really a taste you want that much of. Hamburger Patty Based Slingers Forever.

  2. 13 says:

    Burger slingers are far and away my favorite. Wait till you read the Hammerstones slinger review…it was something very unique.

  3. Phil says:

    Kinda looks scary…almost like mutilated lasagna?

  4. 13 says:

    it kind of tasted like mutated lasagna too. No chili powder in the chili. Nothing….just pasta sauce with beans in it.

  5. Julie says:

    A friend and I just visited the City Diner on Saturday before our trivia night. I was kind of impressed with my bacon cheeseburger, but was less than impressed by the service we received. I’d still probably go back.

    • battra13 says:

      That’s kind of how that place is. It’s a hipster diner now…except it’s no longer a

      The food’s not bad, but not great either.

  6. […] touch and very flavorful.  They didn’t taste like the cheap sausage patties of Billies or City Diner. I’m not really much of a fan of pork in general, but these patties were very […]

  7. The 13 Blog says:

    […] tables.  Just a counter.  This is definitely a for really real diner, not like 12th St Diner or City Diner.  I liked that.  So, after we sat down we looked up and saw the menu. Tobey and Ying and Yang […]

  8. […] a bit of  an issue. My first taste of this chili reminded me of the dreadful chili served at the City Diner, but as I ate more of it, I enjoyed more. I won’t say it was the quality of Big Ed’s of […]

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