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Posted: March 18, 2010 in Dive Bar, Karaoke, STL: Dutchtown
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You know, it really feels like it’s been about a thousand years since I’ve been to a new dive bar.  It has really been two months since I’ve gotten out to a new place.  This time of year though, with my Fish Fryday Series going on, time’s been a little bit short on hitting bars.  Then couple that with the fact that my slinger posts have been picked up by St. Louis City Edition which puts a greater importance on getting out for new slingers, and well my dive bars have kind of gotten ignored.

Well, were back on the prowl and looking for more dive bars!  I was told about Behrmann’s in Dutchtown a few months back when I was polling for new dive bars, this was before I realized I’d been to the same five or six neighborhoods a bunch of times.  I realized after learning about this place, that I had literally been past there at least a hundred times since I’ve been back in the city.  My wife and I eat at The Original Crusoe’s all the time and we always pass this little corner bar on the way to eat our dinner.  This day however, I was finally giving Behrmann’s the props I owed them.

What I liked about this place right away was the fact that it’s an old school kind of bar.  When we went to Pat’s Bar and Grill in Dogtown, I mentioned the Budweiser neon sign out front.  I still remember seeing those everywhere when we drove around the City of St. Louis when I was a child.  They are so rare now.  When I see that sign, I know it’s going to be my kind of place.  This place didn’t disappoint at all.  I loved the atmosphere, the bartender, everything.  Sometimes, you really can judge a book by its cover.  And that’s true about 99% of the time with dive bars.  (Check back next week for the exception to the rule!)

This night I was meeting with Dale.  He’s the owner and publisher of St. Louis City Edition.  Since he wanted to go to a bar, I figured I’d get a blog post out of it as well!  He’s definitely a really cool guy and of course I suggest that you pick up copies of the paper and read them.  You can find them at The Tin Can, The City Diner, The London Tea Room and many other locations!

I got my usual Bourbon and Coke to start the night off.  As I’ve said before, a bourbon and coke is a great way to get a first impression of a place.  It’s my normal drink so I know what it should taste like.  I make it at home, so I know how I like it to taste.  Finally, it’s only got two ingredients, if you don’t count the ice, so everybody can make it.

As I delve deeper and deeper into seedy bars, I’ve discovered that there’s a level of booze BELOW rail or well…I don’t think it has a name yet, but the leader of the sub-well bourbon is Ten High.  That’s what came in my Coke.  The drink was $3.  That’s not a bad price for well drink, but honestly, I really feel like with Ten High or worse, you should either get a HEFTY pour, which I did not, or it should be cheaper.  I can buy Old Crow and cans of coke and make a profit at retail prices, much less wholesale, selling drinks at $2.50 each.

This was another really dark place I went to.  Why does this keep happening to me?  Oh well.  We were there during what would be called Happy Hour, if they had any happy hour specials…but their normal prices are most average bars’ specials anyway, so no worries.

When we were there, they were dangerously low on liquor.  They’d had a great weekend for St. Paddy’s Day (observed) and were still waiting for their order to come in, so when we did a shot, instead of bourbon, I did VO Canadian whiskey.

We got to talking to the bartender, and she was a chatty lady.  What she also told us was that they have karaoke on Fridays there and that’s when the place is usually jumpin.  I think I’m going to try to get back there for karaoke soon.  We’re still kind of on the lookout for a new place to take our friends.  River City has changed and we don’t really get out there much anymore.

For my final drink of the evening, I decided on whiskey on the rocks.  Their best bourbon was Jim Beam, which I’m not about to drink outside of Coke!! (Which is perfectly within dive bar standards.)  I did see that they had Jameson Irish Whiskey.  Well, I’m always ready for that.  So I ordered it, it was $4.  This is another great way to judge the quality of  bar.  Remember my diatribe about Lumiere Casino? Well, the most I’ve ever gotten is about 6oz of whiskey, and the worst was the 1oz.  Here we got about 3oz.  Nothing to complain about at all.

This is a nice little place with a good welcoming vibe, good prices, and a lovely old school quality to it.

Give it a go when you’re in the neighborhood.

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  1. GodDaysapint says:

    Looks good mate but the worst dive bar has to be Chasers in Maspeth Queens New York off Flushing Avenue city

    it has the worst bloody violent fights a day


    truly the bar from hell eh

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