Are you a Saint Louis Native, or just play one on TV?

Posted: March 17, 2010 in Uncategorized
That really depends on what your point of view is.

I was born in Alton, IL back in the 70’s. When I was three months old, I was spirited back to the Missouri Side of the River.

From that point, I bounced all around the Metro Area, including the county, Illinois, Rural Missouri and Lafayette Square, Northampton, Dutchtown, Lafayette Park, and Tower Grove South. I spend a number of years outside of the City Limits and I’m glad to be back. My exwife and I didn’t see eye to eye on the City of St. Louis, so we compromised and ended up in the County.

Well, I’m back in the City and now trying to help the city in the best way I can. I consider St. Louis to be my hometown.

Thanks for the question!!


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