Fish Fryday 2010 #4: Epiphany Of Our Lord Church And Bowling Alley

Posted: March 15, 2010 in Fish Frydays, STL: Lindenwood Park
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Well, here we are, another Fish Fryday has come and gone and I’m ready to give you the goods on another Fish Fry I attended in South St. Louis City.  I mentioned last week that there wouldn’t be a Fish Fryday Post this week, but luckily my lovely wife worked it out to where we were able to make it.

This week, we went to Epiphany Church and Bowling Alley in Lindenwood Park, St. Louis.  Have you ever seen a Church with a bowling alley in it?  I certainly had not, but at least I know of another place to bowl in the City now.

Epiphany Church is on Smiley Ave at Ivanhoe near Arsenal and 44.  Now, what made this hard is the fact that the Arsenal Bridge is undergoing construction and many of the little streets in the Neighborhood of Lindenwood Park are all messed up and one way this and don’t drive here that. Well…when your GPS has no idea that it cannot go this way or that way, it gets hard and frustrating.

After quite a bit of driving in circles and getting ready to rip my hair and steering wheel out, we arrived!

I could tell right away that this was a different sort of fish fry.  First we walked around the church and couldn’t figure out where we were going to eat.  Then we saw people going into and coming out of the bowling alley that was right next door.  So, that’s where we went in.  After passing an actual bowling alley…we made our way into the gymnasium/cafeteria for our dinner.

When we got to the fish fry portion of the gymnasium, I became a bit confused.  I didn’t really understand how this one worked, but it turns out it was cafeteria style.  They didn’t have any meals.  Normally, you go in pay $X for X number of fish and sides.  Here you tell them two cods, spaghetti and cole slaw.  Then you get down to the cashier and they ask you what you’d like to drink.  They give you a ticket that you turn in.  Then you head down to the other side of the gymnasium and you go get your beverage from another man.

Down there they have beer soda, wine, or pretty much anything you’d like to drink.  They only serve their beer in cans, which is pretty standard, but always a little bit disappointing.  In this case, they had the local brews of Anheuser Busch.  Shocked?  I wasn’t.  I took a Budweiser with my meal.

As is my usual, I ordered fried cod and the like. For the first time, I ate Lenten Fish Fry Spaghetti…and it really seemed to me that it was missing something….

As I went down the line, I noticed a serious lack of French Fries.  Now, it seems to me that this is a very serious breach of conduct.  I mean, really, who’s not heard of Fish’n’Chips?  Isn’t that where we kind of stole the model? From England?  Anyway, what I didn’t notice on the way down the line was that the prices at Epiphany were extremely cheap!  Normally, I drop about $20 for the wife and myself.  This week, I dropped $8.50.  Had I known how cheap they were, I’d have ordered some shrimp to go with my cod.

The cod itself was pretty standard fare, nothing to rave about here.  Where Epiphany really excels is in their execution and pricing.  We arrived at the Fish Fry far later than we ever had, around 6:15pm and we literally walked right up to the counter and began ordering.  There was zero waiting.

On top of their extremely fast service, they had several volunteers walking around clearing tables and picking up to keep things moving.  Let me say this though, they do tend to get a bit too aggressive.  One of the boys grabbed one of our soda cups…and considering it’s cold and allergy season…I’d suggest not doing that.

There were definitely quite a few people there still enjoying each other’s company.  So, aside from the fish, fellowship was well in abundance.  To me, that’s what it’s really all about.  Spending time with my family and getting to enjoy a dinner that I can never really make for myself.  We’ve been using this time to discuss home improvements we’ll be making and such.

All in all, Epiphany’s a nice addition to a neighborhood in extreme South St. Louis.  If you’re in the area, give them a try and stay to bowl a game or two.

Also, the lighting inside was very dark, so my pictures didn’t turn out to their usual quality.

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