Fish Fryday 2010 #3: St. Stephen Protomartyr

Posted: March 8, 2010 in Fish Frydays, STL: Holly Hills
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This past Friday, we went out for our next Fish Fryday adventure.  This is the only church this year of which we had any prior knowledge.  This was one of the first places we went to last year, before this was even a dream in anyone’s heads.

St. Stephens had a bit of an allure for me because as I learned on the forums, they served Schlafly with their fish.  So, again, I looked up where we were going instead of assuming I had a clue, but again, we had been there before, which really helps finding when you’re going.  So, I advise all my fellow fish fryday folks to google maps where you are going before you get into your car.  So, as we were walking in, my companion says, hey do you see him?

Well I didn’t see who she was talking about until she said, it’s Mayor Slay!


I know what a Mayor Slay is.  He seemed to be gladhanding the South St. Louis crowd that was there and was very nice and personable to me, and even allowed me to take his photo for my silly blog.

Mayor Slay, you are now the first official celebrity to make an appearance in the 13 Blog!

St. Stephens really knows how to make a Fish Fry.  I really have to hand it to them.  St. Stephens has to be the class of South St. Louis when it comes to doing these.  Unfortunately, that makes me think they do not need to hand out free beer to the patrons, as there’s no real worry about being in line for six hours while waiting for your fish.  As soon as we stood in line, we were ordering before we knew it.

As we were waiting to order we began to discuss what neighborhood we were in.  Neither one of was entirely sure.

I can tell you we were both very, very wrong indeed.  So, this is one of the very few times that we had no problem whatsoever in identifying which neighborhood we were in.  So thank you very, very much for that.  It’s the little things in life I have to tell you.  This little thing made my task a bit easier and I have to say, I am always glad to city City Pride and pride in one’s own neighborhood.

See this bucket here?  it’s filled to the brim with Schlafly Pale Ales and Oatmeal Stouts.  We got to the fish fry late, as we always do, and they were running out of Budweiser, Bud Light, and Bud Select, but there was this full ice bucket of a fine, fine craft beer.  They just prefer the beer they and the parents grew up with:  Anheuser Busch’s Family a fine beers.  They should just branch out a little bit to try the beers that they can even get at their church whilst enjoying some great fish!

I also should mention that a bottle only costs $2!   That’s just awesome, but the locals here don’t seem to appreciate a fine brew, but this isn’t a beer post, but a fish post, so let’s get it on!

Here we are! My fried cod dinner. For $8 you get two sides and and two fish.   they are a little bit more expensive than other Fish Frys in the area, but their quality and quantity definitely surpasses any other fish fry that I have been to.  When I ordered the ladies there tried to make me take more stuff, but this was really all that I wanted. So, I also want to apologize for not laughing at the joke she made. My sugar was low and I was out of commission until I got something into my belly.

The lady asked me what sides I wanted.  I explained to her just one fry.  She said, but you get two sides, and I said I know, but I just want one fry.

So she then picks up a single fry and places it on my plate, but I was too grumpy to get the humor in it.  My only thought was that this lady is holding up my I didn’t laugh.  So if by some miracle you read this, I am sorry, and I checked with three other people, your joke was funny.

What more can I really say about this place?  The fish is excellent.  They have large lemon slices.  They have good beer at a great price.  After I finished my Pale Ale, I chose to go back for an Oatmeal Stout.  I don’t normally like Stouts, but I decided to give this one a go.

This is towards the end of the evening.  As you can see they are still very full and still serving.  I really do believe that St. Stephen Protomartyr is the best fish fry in the City of St. Louis.

Also, I have to mention, that this weeks Fish Fryday run will be canceled as a close friend is going out of town.

However, Check back on the weekend of the 19th for my next Fish Fryday Adventure!!

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