Fish Fryday 2010 #2: St. Joan of Arc

Posted: February 28, 2010 in Fish Frydays, STL: North Hampton
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Another Friday and it’s time for another Fish Fry.  This week my companions and I chose to go to St. Joan of Arc’s School on Hampton and Pernod in the Northampton neighborhood.  I hope my epic failure at St. Gabriel’s isn’t on too many people’s minds….but it was on my mind.  So I decided to be a bit smarter on this topic this time.

We looked up where it was, and thankfully my wife knew where the hell we were going, which is great, because I did not!  She told me that we passed it all the time on Hampton.  She was sure of this.  I realized she was right when we were leaving as we did pass it every time we go to Long John Silvers for fish…yeah..I like fish…a lot…. So, this particular church was chosen during a discussion at the forums on because I was told that here, during their fish fry there’s free beer….

At St. Gabes last week there was also free beer, however I bollocksed that up so epically it didn’t really matter if there was free Woodford Reserve Bourbon….So, the wife and I are in contact with her parents and we arrive at the school and park in what surely was a spot that just was waiting to have lines painted on it….that’s my story and I’m sticking to it….  We head on down into the cafeteria where the food is at about 6:10pm.  Yes it’s starting to get late, but things happened that actually made us late this time…

It’s actually still really full.  I go head to the back of the line in attempt to get free beer, as the beer people have already come and gone at this point.  Well…they don’t show up so I return to my companions and we begin discussing all the pertinent matters of the day, and how curling has become very important to me…I also discuss my four year bug for curling…and now that there’s a St. Louis Curling Club starting so now I have to put up or shut up….well during all this jabbering something wonderful and truly blessed happens.  A man walks up to me and says do you want a beer?  ?

This man gave me free beer!  IT IS TRUE!  I’ve heard of such things, but for them to actually happen was a wonderful and glorious gift!  Now, I shoudln’t neglect to mention that it was piss water Bud select, but to quote the movie “Shaft”:  Got is got.  We realized later that if you’re given free beer while you’re waiting in line, you’re much more likely to wait it out and buy their fish.  All fish frys should adopt this, but don’t give out the same beer you sell, because then why should I buy it? Give out Natty Light or something.  At this point we’re even beginning to near the front of the line where the tasty fish is.  I mean, that is why we’re here after all…except my wife who hates fish.

So, everyone there is hard at work getting fish fried and sides prepared to go.  We all peruse the menu to pick our plates.  I decided on catfish this time.  I don’t know why as I don’t normally get catfish at fish frys.  My father in law gets his usual baked fish.  My mother in law gets the fried cod, as she always does as well.

We’re pretty much creatures of habit here.  I find out they’re out of catfish, so I go with my normal fried cod.

So, here’s where something really awesome happens…we look at the sides, as we’re afforded two with a meal…fries….cole slaw…spaghetti…the usual fare except…TOASTED RAVIOLI!

Of course it was cheese toasted ravioli, but this was just awesome. I mean, really toasted ravioli? Now, I’ll admit freely and readily, this isn’t my first rodeo but no one’s looking at me like I’ve hung the moon on Catholic Fish Frys. So I was really happy. I also got my very needed lemon slices, though I with they’d have been a hair bigger to make it easier to squeeze them on the fish. The fish wasn’t the best, but it was pretty darned good.  I would’ve also liked for the little old ladies taking the money to have been a hair quicker, but this fish fry really has it all.

Good fish. Good selection. BEST sides. FREE beer.  If you’re a fish fry nomad like us, check it out.

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  1. Tomeka Olrich says:

    This is a really good read for me, Must admit that you are one of the best bloggers I ever saw.Thanks for posting this informative article. And they have a point.

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