New Series Announcements At The 13 Blog

Posted: February 4, 2010 in 13 Blog On The Road, Fish Frydays

Those of you who follow me on Twitter or the facebook page may have already heard about this, but here goes!  There are actually two new series of posts that I’m happy to announce today.  Neither one will be as regular as the dive bars or the slinger posts though.   There are a couple things that the 13 blog loves doing as much as dive bars or slingers, and that’s fish frys and travelling.  So I am proud to introduce…..

The 13 Blog On the Road and Fish Frydays!

The first new series, which I’m hoping to finally have posted tonight is about when we head out to bars and restaurants outside of the St. Louis Metro Area.   The first will be a post about El Tigre “Sport Bar” in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.  The wife and I had a great couple of visits to this cute little bar.

This place got me to thinking, well when I’m out of town I still go out to bars and restaurants.  So, if we find a place that would fit our mold, why not do a quick write up of the place?  I also realized well, I’m going to Peoria, the Twin Cities, and Indiana this year as well.  Why not go to places there?

Again, this won’t be a very active series, but the 13 Blog On The Road will be taking off here this week with the first post.

Now, the second new series being started is something that I’ve had some really good conversations about on twitter and the food forums I surf.  For the past few years, I’ve been a fixture at Lenten Fish Frys and I can’t stop talking about them….

I just love them and can’t get enough.  So, this year I’m going to blog about the ones I go to.  So far we have scheduled the first four places that we’re going to visit.  I’m looking for at least 2 more places to go to.  Now, let me also say, I’m going to be going pretty easy on the places here.  Basically there’ll be a picture of my food, a mention of the menu, and what kind of beer they had and such.  I’ll also mention what beer selection is at the fish fry.  There’s always beer.  A good fish fry is like Long Johns with beer.

Or if there’s anything special like this:

We had no idea about this table at the fish fry last year!  It made us pretty happy though.  I’m hypoglycemic but I still indulged my sweet tooth!!

I know that the fish frys are for fund raising primarily and some of them do a very good job with what they have and some do the best they can, and I’m doing this series for the people like me who just love fish frys.

Please, I am looking for a couple more places to go to in the city limits.  I am trying to schedule the entire Lenten season with churches so we don’t wonder where we should go each week.

Feel free to either leave a comment or email me as to where I should go.  Thanks!

The first fish fry run is going to be tomorrow, along with a dive bar, and a slinger this weekend as well.  Please be patient as I get this weekend’s content up!!  Then on to the fish again the following week

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