Part 11 Of The Continuing Series, St. Louis’s Perfect Slinger: Layfayette Fire Company No 1

Posted: January 25, 2010 in slinger, STL: Lafayette Square
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An unusually warm January morning in St. Louis made the perfect backdrop to go looking for the perfect slinger.

Before I really get into this, have you noticed the tags on the right hand side of the screen?  When I do a review post, I put in the tags, the neighborhood of where the place is.  In the future, perhaps in about a year or so, there will be so many neighborhoods listed it’ll be so cool, I think.  Remember this blog is about the city proper first and foremost.  So, I’m trying to move around neighborhoods right now.  I noticed I’ve been downtown like 3 times, and to Soulard a couple times, so I’m making a concerted effort to move around the city, at least South St. Louis.

This week, my companion and I went to a spot in Lafayette Square St. Louis.  The Square is the oldest neighborhood in the City of St. Louis.  This is where Pierre Laclede and his son, Auguste Chouteau lived.  We went to a new place in the Square.  It occupies the old space that Soda Fountain Square used to have.

Ignoring the fact that I had never been to Soda Fountain Square, I was still really excited to try out this new place, and it is very new.  It has only been open for business since about November I believe.  Bob has been campaigning to go here for a couple of months now to get it up on the blog.  Ever since he’d heard that they have a slinger for me to try.  So onward we go!

A big part of this place is the fact that they are owned by several fire fighters in the City and County.  Because of this fact, they have decorated the entire area in that motif.  (One of the neatest things in that vein were the lamps hanging over the booths.  They use fire helmets for globes.  Unfortunately, the place was so busy, I couldn’t get around to get photos of stuff like that.)  Personally, I’ve never had the young boy dreams to be a fireman so, it’s not like it was a huge deal to me, but I do have a great amount of respect for anyone who’s willing to put their life on the line for someone they don’t know.  So, all sentimentality aside.

So, like I said, the place is totally decked out in fire fighters, which is cool.  How many times have you heard that a place will become its owner?  Well, here you go.  What I heard was that a lot of the dishes are based on what they cook at the firehouse.  Now that is totally cool.

We got there at abour 11:15am or so. The place was pretty much packed.  We were told it’d be 15-20 minutes or we could sit at the bar now.  We chose the latter.  The bar was nice, but I wish you could move the stools;  they’re bolted to the floor.  I hate that.  Apparently, I’m awkwardly shaped because these kind of chairs always get me.  So, we’re sitting at the bar and I’m trying to take this place in as best as I can.  What really surprised me though was how packed it was.  This is a very new place, but the Square doesn’t have a whole lot of more casual dining, at least not open on Sunday mornings I suppose.  The staff at the bar was quite friendly, and they even had the hockey game on the TVs there.  (The place has several flatscreens throughout the bar.)

They seem to be very proud of being in St. Louis, Mo, which will always bring a tear to the 13 Blog’s eye.  We’re fiercely proud of being St. Louis City folk.  The wife and I even have fleur de lis on our address labels.  So, yeah.  Anyway, seeing the STL City flag proudly displayed with the Missouri flag was very cool.

The menu was a nice mix of all sorts of breakfast foods, along with a dinner menu for after 5pm.  They had an alternate universe slinger as well.  I believe they called it the Firehouse Mash Up.  Instead of starting with eggs and hashbrowns, it starts it with biscuits and gravy.  Considering recent outings to establishments that used biscuits and gravy in their slinger…., I was pretty happy that they differentiated, as they should.

Now, how was the slinger?

Hmm.  Jalapenos, very nice.  Big burger patty, very nice.  Onions! For really real onions! Hashbrowns. Scrambled eggs.  Chili Beans…?

I took one look at their slinger and said: The search continues!  The chili was just beans.  Two kinds of beans, but beans nonetheless.  This was the first time I put ketchup on a slinger.  I needed more than just the nothing chili they put on there.  Bob was really confused, he’d been telling me about their chili and that it was really good.  So, here I get this chili-less slinger…at least chili-less in my eyes.  But look at that burger patty!

For what they skimped on the chili, they surely went overboard on this burger!  This is a full sized angus beef burger.  I believe it was a one third pound patty.  The issue I had, and this is a me thing only, is that it was flame cooked.  I’m one of the few people out there that doesn’t like flame broiled, flame grilled etc burgers, unless they have BBQ sauce on them.  I could taste the charred bits, and I hate that taste.  So, I think if I asked for it cooked medium instead of medium well, it would be just fine.

So, there’s one small issue with this slinger, and one pretty big fundamental issue with the slinger.  Going back, I’d ask for the normal chili and not just the beans, along with a medium burger and not medium well.

All in all this is a good place though.  I was really surprised to see that they have Magic Hat #9 on draft.  I’ve only ever had this beer out and about once, and it was at a beer tasting.  I’ve not seen it on draft.  They also have Tenacious Trivia Sundays at 8pm. (The 13 Blog is a BIG fan of Tenacious Trivia.)  They seemed to have a good hard liquor bar and some interesting selections in terms of bottled beer.

Again, the search continues.

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