The Night Before The Wedding…..PUB CRAWL!

Posted: December 5, 2009 in STL: Downtown, STL: Soulard, STL: Tower Grove South
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So, I was planning on making this entry tomorrow.  I figured after last night that I’d be sleeping way in today and wouldn’t have time.  It’s 8:45am and the rest of my wedding party doesn’t arrive at the house till 1pm.  I don’t have to start getting ready until 12pm…but I woke up at like 7am today…so…I’m full of nervous energy, so here we go.  Let’s relive last night shall we!

Now, let me preface this post a bit.  This will not be my normal we went here and this is what it was like sort of review posting.  What we did, was drink the night away with beer after beer at places I will and won’t be reviewing.  So, this is largely going to be a photo blog of last nights events, full of funny snaps and colorful characters.  (Except Captain Douchebag Stu.  He was wearing a smoking jacket and a hat three feet tall with ears.  He wouldn’t let me take his photo until I got to know him over the course of weeks.  Hey Stu, dress like a clearly insane person, and people will want to photograph you.)

We started off the night of crawling in Tower Grove South.  I love the TGS.  We walked up to the Tin Can, and as we approached the door, I said I’m not paying a cover.  If they want a cover, I’m turning around.  Welp, he said $3.  I said no thank you.  So, we went to the Amsterdam Tavern instead, just a couple doors down from the Tin Can.  The Amsterdam is a soccer bar, it’s also non-smoking.  I love both of these facts now.

Please don’t ask me what was up with the shoes.  I just said, OK, I need a picture of our shoes! Everybody put your shoe in.  Mine is the black and silver.  The Minster’s rocking the power blue chucks, Heather and Sue were kicking the New Balance.  There.  Now you know what shoes we were wearing, and this seems even more pointless today but when this happened I was sucking down a 16oz PBR….

This is the runnin’ crew! From left to right:
Heather my most forgiving friend. Sue my oldest friend…18 years and counting. Chris, who’s the guy. OK, no more sentimentality! Let’s talk about how my voice is a little hoarse today from singing Kiss songs all night at a volume that would make Gene Simmons blush. We also tried writing Kiss songs and sang those.

We left the Amsterdam Tavern to head downtown to get a Schlafly at the Tap Room.

Here’s my Kolsch that Chris got me. It was tasty. With all the time I’ve been spending at the bottom of bourbon bottles, I forgot that Chris and I used to rock beer all night…all night….

Now, after we left the Tap Room, we  headed down to Soulard.  We had a couple places that we had to bury.  First up was Phelans.

Now, I’m not going to go into it too much here, but Phelan’s used to be Chris and I’s bar.  It was were we’d go.  Be sittin’ on the couch playing a video game, phone would ring.  Chris would say: Are ya Phelan fine?  Me. Yup, on my way.  That’s it. When we worked retail, we’d meet up here after work on Fridays, or Mondays, Tuesdays and any other days.  Then there was the great Dart Player incident…..we’d been back a couple times and it wasn’t right.  Always felt foreign there.  Last night though, we put Phelan’s to bed and we didnt’ look back when we left.

Now, to end the night, we did what Chris and I had done years ago. We walked out the front door of Phelan’s to go to the Shanty. After our chosen estrangement from Phelan’s, we set up shop at The Shanty, a few blocks down.

This nice gentleman allowed me to take his picture.  He told me I should’ve come to the Soulard Farmer’s Market for something or other.  I forget exactly what it was, but look at this guy!  He’s awesome and he was totally wearing shorts last night!  In December, in St. Louis???

Now this is what we love about the Shanty, the fire pit outside. Unfortunately, this time it was full of people so we had to drink inside, which is abnormal. But thankfully the music nazi was there. You know, the guy that says, if you’ve heard of it, I won’t listen to it! That guy has many faces, but he’s always at the Shanty…sitting around the fire..proselytizing the unwashed masses….

So, back inside to enjoy the last stop of the night.

Dude…this chick was playing a kazoo!  I’m sorry that this photo didn’t turn out too well, but damn it a kazoo???????

It coulda been the champagne, the champagne…because that’s how we ended the night. We were celebrating after all.

This made me giggle.  We’d been making “it’s not gonna blank itself jokes all night…..

As we’re finishing our last round of the night…Chris starts to text to me waffles?

Done.  Book it.  Let’s get some smothered and covered hashbrowns!

So, this was how I spent my final evening before getting married.  Those three were charged with making sure I didn’t get drunk and hungover.  I’m totally not hungover though.  As I was typing this, I was banging my head to “Deuce” from Alive there ya go!

Ready to get hitched.

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