Part 8 of the Continuing Series, St. Louis’s Perfect Slinger: The White Knight Diner

Posted: November 15, 2009 in diner, slinger, STL: Downtown
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Today my companion and I went on our next diner jaunt, The White Knight Diner on 18th and Locust. Let me preface this entry with a short story. I was telling the story of how this little blog got started to Christine, the owner of the Riverside Cafe, on Tuesday when we were enjoying the bar side of her establishment. It started with a joke. My soon to be father in law and I mentioned, as we drove past the White Knight, that we should eat there. My fiancee and her mother were not having it. So, I side, ok fine, you and me, we’re going on Saturday, but when we got there, it was closed, so we went to The Hoagie Diner instead, and the blog was started as an anecdote in a Facebook blog entry.

So, it was his turn to choose where we’d be going this time, and he chose to go where it all began, The White Knight. This time it was open. Apparently, they hadn’t run out of food this time and decided to knock off early. Funny thing, when the waitress came for our order, she said, “What’ll ya have? We have everything. We don’t have any bacon.”

So, we sat down, and it was very busy this morning. They’re only open until 3pm Monday through Saturday, so this is not a good place to wind down your evening of drinking, but a good place for early morning hangover cures. We were handed the menu and we started looking.

I immediately began looking for the slinger. It wasn’t exactly easy to find. Usually, they’re listed under the breakfast portion of the menu. Here it was listed under the customer creations side. Well I really can’t say I totally understand exactly what they were talking about as everybody has a slinger, and they even come in different varieties. Here however, it was just standard fare, except, they called it the “super slinger.” Was it really super, or any better than any other ones? I was going to find out. It had hamburger, eggs, a ‘generous’ portion of hashbrowns, cheese, and onions as the ingredients. I do not ask for anything other the menu options, as has been discussed before.

So, this is what I ordered.

Here it is. The object of the trip. It doesn’t really look like much does it? I mean, granted, slingers aren’t typically the most attractive of foods. It’s just a bunch of types of foods dumped all over each other, but I really think that some effort ought to be made when preparing them, but of course I get these at the greasy spoons, so I might be asking for a whole lot more than I should be.

I was exceptionally curious about the ‘generous portion of hashbrowns’ that the menu mentioned. The hashbrowns really are the make or break point here. So I tried one of the hashbrown pieces that weren’t underneath the thing. It was well undercooked.  It turned out that half of them were overcooked and half of them were overcooked.  This is not starting well. I also began chopping it up to get all of the pieces parts out of their layers and into a good eating position. As I was doing this, I was looking for the onions. I did not have any. The menu specifically said onions. I’m getting really annoyed about the onions these days.

The Riverside Cafe didn’t give me any, and the Buttery had these wacky pieces of onion shavings that would make the chefs at White Castle’s think were way too small. So, the lack of onions really bugged me today.

The cheese was tucked between the chili and the hamburger patty. This is really the best way to do this. When it’s done like this, by the time the slinger lands on your table, the cheese has liquified into a puddle of awesome and when it’s properly mashed up,is everywhere in your meal. So each bite is a cheesy explosion of great. Cannot stress this enough, do not bother with shredded cheese Courtesy Diner. I suppose I should also mention that it took nearly an hour before we were waited on and had our food, but it was a tasty dish that was worth the wait.

All in all the White Knight Diner doesn’t disappoint. It is a very claustrophobic little place though, so beware. There’s also no bathroom. I really couldn’t believe that, especially when you read all the information in the manifesto that’s printed on the back of the menu, including allegations against Burger King…I’m not going to go into the views of the owner, but needless to say, read the back of the menu. You will not be disappointed. My biggest complaint are the hours of business. They’re just a little breakfast and lunch place. I really prefer my diners to be open 24 hours a day. I mean, I might need a slinger, or a very greasy hamburger at 4:37am after going to Kinkos.

All in all, this place isn’t the best, but it’s surely not the worst.  If you’re looking for an authentic diner experience and some classic St. Louis food, most definitely check them out.   The owner is very dedicated the diner concept.  However, in regards to St. Louis’s Perfect Slinger, the search continues.

Please share the post if you enjoyed it, and become a fan on facebook.  Comments and emails to are always welcomed and appreciated!  We’ll be on a slinger hiatus until next month with my pending wedding.  Look for a dive bar review next week!

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