Let’s Be Friends and a Funny Story

Posted: November 9, 2009 in Uncategorized

A couple things here.  The newest bit is that I have created a fan page for the 13 Blog on Facebook.  There are already a few fans, but we’re hoping for more.   I don’t really know why I made it, but I think it’s neat, and I do hope to get many, many fans of what we do here.  On the facebook fan page, all of our fans/members can post photos, links, and what not.  I guess I’m just kind of hoping that we can make a small community or something that would be fun.  It will also be a way to pass along news to more folks like I do with twitter.  So, please clicky clicky and become a fan!

The other thing.  I tweeted about this on Sunday, as I was really, really struggling with what to about this.  I have been invited to a bar for karaoke this week.  I was invited specifically by the owner because of a review I did.  I couldn’t decide what to do about a write up.  I was thinking about doing one because of, well honestly, lack of content lately.  My last three weekends have been jam packed with real life obligations, so I’ve not had the time to go have fun and find new bars.

But after talking to the fiancee about it, she pointed out many things I already knew. Critics don’t get comped.  They go in anonymously, etc.  So, it would be wrong if the place knew who I was.  I’m trying to remain as anonymous as I can.  (Especially since making this blog public it’s taking off far more quickly and more strongly than I expected.)    After all that, my compromise was, I’d only do a write up if I really liked it.  Then she said one thing and that clinched it: You’d never pick that place to go do a review.  Yup.  I wouldn’t, so I’m just gonna go have fun.  Due to the aforementioned weekends being taken up, I’ve not had time to party party party.

So, there’ll be a new slinger review this weekend.  Then I’m going to do my best to get to the next bar when I can.  Our time is fairly booked, but the place is also already picked out.  Our next place is already picked out and it’s not my turn to pay!  I’m going to attempt to get to two slinger reviews and 2 or 3 bar reviews per month.  Keep the place movin’ and groovin’!

If you enjoy my posts, please click the share button.  Also, comments, and emails to the13blog@gmail.com are always appreciated, especially if you have a St. Louis City place to recommend, be you owner, patron, or friend of an owner or patron.


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