Colorado Bob’s Ship of Fools 3457 Morgan Ford Rd. (Tower Grove South)

Posted: October 29, 2009 in Dive Bar, Karaoke, STL: Tower Grove South
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On Sunday, the fiancee and I were driving down to the Bevo Neighborhood to visit our friends’ new baby. On our way down there, we saw a few great bars that the 13 Blog had to check out in the very near future. Well, the first one we got to was Colorado Bob’s Ship of Fools. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a great picture of the front of the place, but I did my best!!

When we parked the car and took a look around, the bar’s in what looks to be and old storefront…or perhaps a couple of them.  This gives a unique look and feel to the place.

The first thing you see here is their beer sign.  As you can plainly see, this is a horrid, nasty beer.  I can’t even imagine what Busch Bavarian Style Beer would taste like on draft.  As we discussed in this post, one of the great signs for a good dive is a bad beer sign.

Nowhere in this place could  I actually find their name.  I had to ask the bartender what the name of the place was, and what neighborhood we were in.  She told me Colorado Bob’s and Bevo Mill.  The owner Bob, who I met a little later, told me it was Tower Grove South, and google maps agrees.  So, we’re going with Tower Grove South.

So, I saw a sign saying Happy Hour Wells $2.50, which  had me a bit worried, dives can’t charge more than $3 for a rail, but just turns out that rails were $3.  No problems there.  I watched her pour my drink, bourbon and coke of course.  When we go out to our normal dive bars, we don’t get the good liquor.  Always, always, always drink rails at the dives.

I watched the bartender pour my drink, remember the dive pour, and I was astounded! Let me quote myself, she either liked me or was trying to kill me!! The color of my bourbon and coke was a bit alarming.  Instead of being dark brown, it was tan.  I also for a change, got to see what kind of liquor she was pouring into my glass, and it was the Old Crow. (If there’s a better way to eat crow than this, I’ve yet to find it.) To me, it’s the highest quality rail bourbon. Now, keeping in mind, we need to have enough Coke in there to make up for the nasty of the straight Crow.

I didn’t get enough Coke to do that. Oh well. I should have paid a bit more attention to the liquors that Bob stocks here, but I didn’t. Keeping in theme, there were a lot of rums and island style liquors.

Here was a neat little piece of decor at Colorado Bob’s Ship of Fools.

As you may have noticed, this placed has a nautical theme.  It’s like about a quarter tiki bar, which is very unusual in St. Louis.  The fiancee noticed this wheel and said that I just had to get a photo of the ship’s wheel.  I had to agree.  So, I took a nice photo of this, and again you get a really good picture of the bar.  We don’t ever really sit at the bars, so I try to get some nice photos of the bars.

Here is what the tables looked like. For some reason, it just seemed to me that this had to be documented.  Perhaps it was the 70% pure sips of Coke flavored Old Crow I had stampeding towards my liver, or perhaps it was the hope of giving the best view of this place that I could for you guys.

We felt really at home in this place.  I don’t like going to new places to be perfectly honest about things, ironic isn’t it?  We came in and just walked up to the bar and it was like we were regulars there.  That is something that always makes me happy in a dive bar.  No pretense.

We spent our evening on the second half of the bar, it’s set up like The Corner Bar in Lemay with two sides separated by a partition.  I believe they also have karaoke there on the weekends, but I’m not sure about that.

So we found the bowling game and decided to have a few goes at it, like we always do.  We just cannot seem to get enough of that damned game.  I can’t figure out what it is, but I just love it.  I suppose part of it is the competitiveness of the game.  Many games we play, either I kick her ass all the time or she kicks my ass all the time.  In bowling, we’re about equal.  So I do believe that’s the deal.

As we were enjoying our game, I noticed the man doing the books in the office came out to greet us.  He introduced hismelf as “Colorado Bob.”  He said he’d never seen us before and wanted to know if it was the first time we’d been in his bar.  Of course we told him it was and we talked a bit about the place.  He wanted to make sure that his bartender was taking care of us, of which I had no complaints.  Actually, I couldn’t complain about a single thing in the place.  I asked him if it was a new bar, and he said nope, it’s not new.  I don’t know how long the place has been around, but the reason why we never had been there was because of it’s location.  We do frequent Morgan Ford in Tower Grove South quite a bit, but Colorado Bob’s is about a quarter mile past the new, trendy district, and we just never head out that far.

He asked me what we were drinking, and told me he was buying us a round.  Now, this was so unnecesary and so awesome that I just couldn’t believe that.  Had he not bought my drink, I’d still be talking the same way about this place that I am now. The drink in question to the right!

He told us that his was a neighborhood bar and for him it was important to give back to the community and to be a part ofthe neighborhood.  We also noticed that he was a sponsor of the St. Louis Sabres Women’s Rugby team. I thought this was very cool, not because I have any attachment to rugby, but just the fact that a bar was sponsoring something like that.  I don’t normally see that sort of thing, and I just thought this was very, very cool of him to do that.  Like he said, part of the neighborhood and giving back.  Just super cool.

I did some checking and Bob’s a veteran and just a hell of a nice guy who has a really cool little bar.  This is a place that the 13 Blog will go to enjoy some bourbon without being on the job.  I really can’t stress it enough, that everybody should go patronize this bar.  I was thinking about telling him that I was there to review the place, but I was talked out of it.  Look, I’m not professional about this, but I decided to not tell him.

All in all, this place hits on all the cylinders I’m looking for in a hole in the wall bar, even if they did get a second hole.  The price is right on the drinks.  The patrons seem to be of a jovial sort, now it is a more adult bar.  We were the youngest in the place that night, but weekends with karaoke may be different.  It’s dirty enough to not be clean, but so dirty that it’s gross.  (The bathrooms were very clean.)  It’s in St. Louis City and not too far away from my Grand South Grand home.  There were plenty of TVs in the place, so I think seeing any local sporting event there should be no problem whatsoever.  This place is just out and out great.

Please head down to Colorado Bob’s and tell them the 13 Blog sent ya!

Please hit the share link if you enjoyed this review and email me your stories,, after ya go there!


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