A Quick Explanation and a Request

Posted: October 21, 2009 in Uncategorized

Good afternoon!!

Just some information as to what the deuce has been going on here again at the 13 Blog.  You may have noticed some new ‘decorations’ around the place.  That change has been made due to the fact that, well, I now have to literally pay for content.  I no longer just spout out what comes to mind, but I have to deliberately set up a time to go out, take photos, and review a place.  I get no compensation from the places I go to, and nothing comped.  It’s all out of pocket.  So, thanks to my goodly level of readership, I put them there.  Just having them there, doesn’t do anything for me, but it’s a start.  I’m not trying to make any money to speak, just to have a way to help offset my costs of content.  I hope that makes sense.

Also, again, down the side of the page, I am continually trying to tweak it and make it a bit better.  Again, since I’m now having to pay for content, I’m trying to ad as much non-posting content as possible.  So I try to put stuff around the postings, to at least make somebody laugh.  Also, with the recent album purchases, yes I purchased CDs and not iTunes or MP3s.  Each album cover that will be over there will be from a photo I took from my BlackBerry, uploaded to flickr, cleaned it, re-sized it and linked it!  Also, I need to change “Sonic Boom” to not recommended.  (If anybody has any questions, feel free to email me and I’ll give a great soliliquiy on the titles pictured.) The daily photo is still there as well, and anythign else I see that catches my eye on a daily basis.

My request:

I am really hoping that my new direction is being enjoyed and and such.  Please help me continue this by clicking the share links if you liked the articles.  The share buttons at the bottom of each post are the best share widgets I’ve seen.  They have pretty much every service that anybody in the world uses.  So, if you got a giggle, thought it was interesting, etc, please share it with others.  I’m not trying to get famous or get rich, but having people read and enjoy the ridiculous stuff I do, is very, very awesome indeed.



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