Barristers Clayton, MO

Posted: October 16, 2009 in Clayton MO, Dive Bar

Last night, the fiancee and I headed out on our next trip to a new bar that we’d never been to.  I did some reading, and at STL Meal Deals, I’d heard that Barristers has a great late night happy hour.  So we decided to head out there, with the lady and I both being proud city residents, it took a bit of convincing, but in the end, we headed out off into a part of the county to which, we normally wouldn’t go.  (We have a long running disagreement on this…I say it’s West County because you have to go west to get there…she disagrees.)

The late night happy hour there begins at 10pm. We arrived a bit early, around 9:40 or so. My thinking was we would get a drink at the normal price, watch the Blues game, and just relax. I took a look around the place, and it seemed nice. It was most definitely a lot cleaner then the places I’d go to normally, but this was cheap, and I wanted one of those $1 sliders I’d heard about. I ordered our typical bourbon and cokes. He poured it very strangely. First he put in the bourbon, then he put in the ice, then he put in the coke. I shouldn’t neglect to mention, it was a very, VERY liberal serving of the bourbon.

He then told me it was eight dollars. Eight dollars for two rail drinks seems really, really pricey to me. I still don’t even know what the bourbon was. I’ve noticed in some places, when they use the rail bourbon, they tend to pour with the label turned away. This is actually kind of annoying. I would really like to be able to say what bourbon I’d had. (There is a difference in well bourbons after all. Some places, like O’Leary’s and Murphy’s use a horrible tasting stuff.) After going to C.T.’s the other week, with $2 well bourbons, I feel like this is a rip off, but we were in Clayton and not Affton so there you go.

We looked around and saw some good Blues memorabilia to go along with all the soccer pieces. I thought this was pretty nice. I knew they were a soccer bar going in, but it seemed like the Blues got the most love of all the local sports teams…which does seem strange that I couldn’t find any St. Louis Athletica stuff at all.

The only thing that seemed strange about all the Blues stuff to me, was that I had to ask him to put the Blues game on the telly. Seems to me, they’d have had it on already. There were TVs showing a college football blowout and the MLB playoffs…I’d have thought here in St. Louis, we’d have already tired of the playoffs…what with…well you know.

So, we’re sitting and we’re drinking, kind of waiting for 10pm. Some guys show up and ask if it’s too late to get food, saying just some toasted ravs or something…and I noticed the other person working had left, so it was just the bartender. He said, let me go check. They ended up getting something or other, but part of why I was there was the late night happy hour including $1 sliders! So, no sliders. Needless to say I was very disappointed.

This is kind of what the place looked like when we got there. There were two people at one of the bar, and a couple at the other end. It was pretty much dead, dead, dead. Well it was a weekday night, so I understood. As time wore on, more folks showed up. Then things started getting different there.

But, even before the crowd showed up at about 10:15..we were sitting at our table, and we weren’t talking. We were sitting there, sort of watching the Blues game, and playing with our BlackBerries. This is very much not like us. Usually we’ll talk and be goofy and just talk about our days or whatnot…but we just sat there staring at our phones. I tried to get some conversation going, about work, about hockey and whatever, but we just weren’t having it. This upscale county place sapped the City Spunk out of us!

Now, here’s the worst part of the story.

I went up to the bar to get another round, and I asked the fellow for another bourbon and coke, again, he goes through his strange drink pouring ritual. He then comes back and says four dollars. ???

I asked him, oh don’t you have the late night happy hour anymore? He says oh yeah, two dollars.

Now, this is off. There are some questions that have to be posed in regards to this exchange.

1) Did he just out and out forget? I’ve forgotten things, it happens.

2) Doesn’t the Happy Hour have 99cent drinks?

3) Was he trying to overcharge and pocket the difference because I’d never been?

4) Has the happy hour special changed?

I don’t know the answers to any of these questions, perhaps if I had a bit more clout, I could call the owner, but I don’t so, here we are.

The bottom line on Barristers, for us anyway, is this:

We won’t go back. While we were there, we just weren’t ourselves. My lady said while we were there, I’d rather stay in the city next time. I couldn’t agree more.

Until next time, cheers!

  1. Pat says:

    Hey do you have Gayla vision as I am looking to watch the Galaxy vs DC United game tomorrow?

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