Part 6 of the Continuing Series, St. Louis’s Perfect Slinger: Riverside Cafe

Posted: October 11, 2009 in slinger, STL: Carondelet
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This afternoon, my faithful companion and I went on our next attempt to find the perfect slinger. He never eats one, but watches me as I do, and sometimes, he even pays! So, we ended up somewhere a bit different this time. It was nothing like every other place we’ve been. This place was an honest restaurant. It wasn’t a diner; it wasn’t a greasy spoon. I think they even had healthy things on the menu.

How was it you ask?

As you can see, it’s a normal restaurant, or so we thought at the time. As we sat down, in the one roomed ‘cafe,’ we looked around and began taking in our surroundings. I began taking a ridiculous amount of photos this time. (At the end of the trip, the waitresses asked me why I’d been taking them, so I told them I was reviewing their establishment. They thought that was cool.)
We sat down, and I began scanning the menu. Normally, I don’t even look at the menu, I know they have it, but this time…I was going up and down it, and found nothing…I did get this though:
It was a pepsi in a coke glass…I’m sorry, but that’s weird. I asked our server if I could get a slinger. She says, well, our chef will complain, but he’ll do it. I thanked her.

White or wheat toast?
-No toast.
How do you want your eggs?

(As usual, NO substitutions.)

Now, there was a 20 minute wait for our food, as someone else in the group, ordered a 20 minute wait item..all this did was give me what seemed like a decade to explore this establishment. It was bigger than it looked. So, I took photos…after all, I had plenty of time.

There was a bar on the other side of the cafe!

Just need to point out the parrot head we saw on a pole…no idea why it was there. It just was.

After what seemed like forever, again, not our server’s fault, I finally got my slinger!! I was less than impressed…I mean…

Look at it:


Let’s look at this…
1) Where is my cheese?
2) Where is the meat?
3) Do I have onions?

On top of that, this is my hot sauce:

OK…so…not looking all that great…no presentation, no craftsmanship, and seriously questioning the ingredients involved here, but I’m doing this for you people out there, my readers!

So I taste the chili…umm…this is the best chili yet.

So…I put some chili on some hashbrown…better yet!

I dig into the meat patties…I FOUND MY CHEESE, and it’s a wonderfully cooked and seasoned burger! I then began going to town. The only complaint I have on this slinger, is ask for onions. You don’t get any. You do need those. Also, it’s no smoking in the area we were in, but on the other side, smoke up.

Oh yeah, the price of this creation of awesome, $5.75. My eyes popped out of my head when I heard this. Remember, it wasn’t on the menu:

Riverside Cafe

So far, this is the best tasting slinger yet. If they’d given me onions, we might have stopped. Go to Riverside Cafe to enjoy this, just ask for onions.

Check out the whole Riverside Cafe flickr set here!

Next up, The Buttery Restaurant.

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